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Life Owes You Nothing!

September 22, 2018

One of my biggest pet peeves is entitled behavior.  It’s frustrating when I overhear people of all ages speaking as if someone took something from them… a man, a woman, a job, an opportunity, happiness, health…. hell, even a damn donut ? .  Nobody owes you anything.  If it was meant for you, you would have it. If you want something, make the sacrifices and compromises, then work for it.  But in the end, expect nothing and be grateful for everything.  THAT is a life well lived, your “best life” or whatever phrasing is hot in the streets today. 

Xoxo and thanks for tuning in for #JackiesCoffeeTalk

PS:  The “donut” reference is really about the sustained sacrifice and discipline a healthy lifestyle requires.  Folks love to complain about wanting, but not having, a svelte body, abdominal muscles they can see and bikini dreams.  But most don’t want to put in the work of eating healthy and working out frequently.  If you feel like life “owes” you donuts everyday then fine, I won’t judge you one bit.  But also don’t “cry me a river” when your pants don’t fit or when you don’t feel awesome in your new dress.  You made the choice and every choice, even good ones, have consequences.  You choose donuts, which is A-OK with me.   Just don’t expect better cholesterol and diabetes numbers.  #RealTalk If you can’t handle the truth, find another blog to follow cause I can’t sugar coat it for you anymore.  Like anything else worth having, health is wealth and requires major work and sacrifice.  Nobody is taking donuts from you and you don’t deserve them because you had a bad day.  Whew.  I feel immensely better because I got that off my chest!

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