I am always in search of the BEST ? .  The best make-up.  The best fedora.  The best place to buy clothing.  The best salesperson.  The best eatery.  The best _______.  And my search for “the best” has nothing to do with price or location, and everything to do with expereince:  Does this person, this place, this thing make my heart sing?  Because of my dogged pursuit, I’m the woman friends calls to find out who, what, when, where and how.  Call, email, text or instagram no more, because I present you….Jacqslist.


  1. BLENDER: I use a Vitamix every day to make my morning smoothie.
  2. FITNESS CHALLENGE:  Start a #sweatyin30 challenge in your community if you want to add movement in your life.
  3. GRAPHIC ARTIST: Ryan Adkins creates innovative and cutting edge logos and designs.
  4. HOBBY: Looking for a lifetime hobby, pick up Golf.
  5. INTERIOR DESIGNER:  Stacey McGarity delivers inspiring and creative homes.
  6. MAKE-UP ARTIST: I implicitly trust KeKe Cifferello regarding all things make-up.
  7. RED LIPSTICK: Whether on the go or a fancy affair, Mac Cosmetic’s Ruby Woo delivers that special mmmm.
  8. FASHION:  If you want to up your “style” game then definitely reach out to Renée at Billy Hendrix.


  1. YOGA CLASS: Need some balance in Miami, check out Julie Wiesman’s Core Fusion Yoga Class.


  1. BARRE CLASSES: After almost 1000 classes, I’m qualified to say Physique 57 transforms bodies.
  2. PHILANTHROPY – ARTS EDUCATION:  Apollo EmpowHer believes every child should have the opportunity to experience and learn about art.
  3. SUNGLASSES: I buy my sunnies in New York City from the Sunglass Whisperer.