I am always in search of the BEST¬†ūüíĮ¬†. ¬†The best make-up. ¬†The best fedora. ¬†The best place to buy clothing. ¬†The best salesperson. ¬†The best eatery. ¬†The best _______. ¬†And my search for “the best” has¬†nothing to do with price or location, and everything to do with¬†expereince: ¬†Does this person, this place, this thing make my heart sing? ¬†Because of my dogged pursuit, I’m the woman friends calls to find out who, what, when, where and how. ¬†Call, email, text or instagram no more, because¬†I present you….Jacqslist.


  1. BLENDER: I use a Vitamix every day to make my morning smoothie.
  2. FITNESS CHALLENGE:  Start a #sweatyin30 challenge in your community if you want to add movement in your life.
  3. GRAPHIC ARTIST: Ryan Adkins creates innovative and cutting edge logos and designs.
  4. HOBBY: Looking for a lifetime hobby, pick up Golf.
  5. INTERIOR DESIGNER:  Stacey McGarity delivers inspiring and creative homes.
  6. MAKE-UP ARTIST: I implicitly trust KeKe Cifferello regarding all things make-up.
  7. RED LIPSTICK: Whether on the go or a fancy affair,¬†Mac Cosmetic’s Ruby Woo¬†delivers that special mmmm.
  8. FASHION:¬† If you want to up your “style” game then definitely reach out to¬†Ren√©e at Billy Hendrix.

ūüĆī¬†MIAMI ūüĆī

  1. YOGA CLASS:¬†Need some balance in Miami, check out Julie Wiesman’s Core Fusion Yoga Class.

ūüóŬ†NEW YORK ūüóĹ

  1. BARRE CLASSES:¬†After almost 1000 classes, I’m qualified to say¬†Physique 57¬†transforms bodies.
  2. PHILANTHROPY РARTS EDUCATION:  Apollo EmpowHer believes every child should have the opportunity to experience and learn about art.
  3. SUNGLASSES: I buy my sunnies in New York City from the Sunglass Whisperer.