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Bright Fuchsia Pink Drugstore Lipstick adds Glamour this Fall (or anytime really)

October 2, 2018

Today, we introduce Jackie’s first “Lip-Pick.”  Get it.  ???  I fell in love with the “power of lipstick” a few years ago when my make-up artist turned very dear friend, KeKe, showed me how the right lip color shade can brighten up your complexion, bring out the color of your eyes or even change your mood.

Today, I am featuring a vibrant bright fuchsia pink color by Revlon, aptly named “Femme Future Pink.”  Click HERE to purchase!

While some peons might argue that this color reads “summer,” I disagree.  This bright matte lip is the perfect match for Fall’s moody and sultry colors: black, deep burgundy, greens, navy blue, leopard print, gray, rusty orange or even browns.  It adds an interesting and unexpected pop of color that will make folks look twice and say, “There’s something about her but I can’t quite put my finger on it.”  The best part about this week’s Lip-Pick…wait for it…it’s only $7.99.  You didn’t read it wrong and that’s not a typo.  For less than $10 bucks, you can change your day, brighten your mood and add some serious “fashun-ny” panache to your Fall look with this fun lippie.  That’s what we call a steal.  Click HERE to purchase!

Another color I love for Fall is Revlon’s Cosmic Queen.  How-so-eva, this color is really hard to find right now (what’s up with that Revlon).  You can create a similar sparkly color as Cosmic Queen by applying a sparkly gloss over Femme Future Pink.  It’s not quite the same but it will work in a pinch.

As always, thank you for stopping by Jackie Unfiltered.  When friends get a glimpse of my makeup drawer and see the many shades of lipstick that I own, I just blame my obsession on KeKe.  C’mon, if she would have just let me keep wearing baby pink clear gloss on my lips, none of this would have happened!  Actually, I said that wrong.  Thank GOODNESS she saved me from baby pink lip gloss cause life is too short to wear boring lipstick!


PS:  Keke just started offering a new makeup service called “The Virtual Beat” for $45.00 (a steal because her normal fee is $150 and up) where she does your makeup virtually through FaceTime.  I know it sounds crazy but it’s pretty fricking awesome and a huge timesaver.  Once you schedule a mutually convenient time for the FaceTime call, KeKe walks you through applying your makeup step-by-step.   Here are some tips to get the best out of your session:  (1) Make sure your phone is propped up in a well lit space with the light facing you; (2) Text Keke a pic of your outfit beforehand so she has a chance to envision the look; (3) Have your brushes and makeup organized in front of you for easy access; (4) Have fun cause it’s just makeup people, not brain surgery or curing cancer.   Click HERE to learn more about KeKe’s Virtual Beat.

This look, including makeup, was created virtually with KeKe. Betta get yo’self some!

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Styling Naturally Curly Hair in High Humidity Climates

April 4, 2018

Even for the most curl savviest amongst us, it’s tough as nails to maintain cute curls in a high humidity climate with a lot of salt water in the air. While hanging out in coastal towns and frolicking on the beach is good for the soul, without proper care, it can wreck the hair making it brittle, frizzy and dry.

In Miami, my hair demands a different styling routine than the one I use in New York (click HERE to see video and read my full curly hair styling tutorial from start to finish).  When skipping around more humid climates, I use heavier products from Moroccanoil that are infused with argan oil, anti-humectant and have tons of hydrating moisture. To keep the hair from frizzing up like a fuzz ball, I layer these creamy, yummy smelling products from back to front to weigh the curls down.

HUGE thank you to Chanel of Miami for putting me on the MoroccanOil products. PS: If you ever get a chance to hear her perform, don’t walk, RUN! She is a STAR!




STEP 1:  Wash & Condition with Moroccanoil Curl Enhancing Shampoo and Conditioner (whatever shampoo/condition you use, make sure they clearly state “sulfate free” as these unhealthy and unnecessary additives crucify curls).

Follow the same techniques for washing and conditioning curly hair that I lovingly layed out for you in this POST HERE.

STEP 2:  A hair primer, prep or anti-humectant base product is SUPER important in a humid climate. Your hair must first absorb a base product that will fight humidity. The type of product you use is dependent on your hair texture and curl pattern. You will likely need to play around with a few concoctions and formulas to get it right. Here is a place to start. However, please note that no matter your hair type, alway apply this first step to dripping wet hair. Apply base product to the back of the head, scrunching the product into the wet hair from middle of the shaft to the ends.

For Super Thick & Tightly Coiled Hair: Apply one pump of Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream. This is a heavier product that will weigh thicker hair down and reduce shrinkage.

For Wavy Hair: Apply 5-7 spritzes of R&Co One Prep Spray. This product will help repel humidity, protect the air from sun damage while adding moisture and elasticity.

For thin spirally hair more like mine: Apple 5-7 spritzes of NEWAY JAPAN nano amino Design Repair Mist Spray (hard to find product). This fine mists repels humidity, add keratin which repairs damaged hair and builds volume at the crown. I should have been born in Texas cause my mantra is the bigger the hair, the better.


STEP 3:  Layer 1 pump of Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream on top of the base product of your choice.  Always start applying product from the back of the head, scrunching middle of the shaft to the ends.

STEP 4:Either air-dry hair or dry with a diffuser. As I wrote HERE, I don’t like the way my hair looks after air-drying.  I prefer to manually dry my hair with the Deva Curl Devadryer & Devafuser.  Please note that in high humidity climates, it will take at least 50% longer for hair to dry so be patient and don’t get frustrated as rushing leads to frizzy, crazy looking hair (uggghh….learned this one the hard way).

Hairdrying Note: In high humidity climates, it will take at least 50% longer for hair to dry so be patient and don’t get frustrated as rushing leads to frizzy, crazy looking hair (uggghh….learned this one the hard way).

STEP 5: My hair is fine and looks limps easily so I always finish the curls with a couple sprays of hair spray. Again, I like the Moroccanoil Luminous hairspray because it provides long-lasting hold, shine and also helps fight humidity.

Jackie’s Deep Conditioning Tip:

The salt in the air is seriously drying for curly hair so I deep condition my hair at least twice per week when in a more humid climate. For deep conditioning, I use Moroccanoil Weightless Hydrating Mask. Using a palm sized amount, I use a “wide tooth comb” to gently apply the hair masque to wet hair while in the shower. If short on time, I leave it in for 10 – 15 mins before rinsing. However, for best results, I let the hair masque penetrate my hair all day all day under a baseball hat or sleep with it applied overnight and rinse in the morning.


One of the benefits of the salt & humidity is that my curls look good up to 3 days after wash day. Hating product buildup and stiff hair, I originally thought the Moroccanoil products would be too heavy for my curly cues.  I was pleasantly surprised after a few test runs that my hair is shiny, defined, touchable soft and most importantly, not frizzy! I did learn to get used to a different hair texture while down in Miami. Because the salt is constantly in the air, my hair always feels a little tacky. The good part about that is my curls still look cute on day 2, 3 and even 4. That never happens in dryer climates like NYC!

On non-wash days, I take my hair down from the sleeping bun (loosing twirled in a bun and secured with bobby pins on top of my head), spray Moroccanoil Curl Re Energizing Spray to dry hair (super important to spray on dry hair) and then scrunch my hair back to life. I also use a couple spritzers of this magic spray to refresh my curls in the evening or to tame frizzy spots when I dry it on day 1.

As always, thank you for stopping by Jackie Unfiltered.  Even with all these excellent products, curly hair has a mind of its own and will just not act right sometimes. On those days, I put a hat on my head, swipe on a bright lipstick and carry on with my day. Remember what I said, “your hair should be the least interesting thing about you.” Okay, I am off to the gym and then getting ready for an epic few days of birthday behavior!!


PS:  We do get a paid a small percentage if you purchase products from the links listed here.  Don’t you dare judge!  Jackie has to live too.  

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The Monoi Body Oil SPF 30 Sunscreen Everyone Needs

March 26, 2018

This past week, I sampled just released Carol’s Daughter Monoi Body Oil Spray Sunscreen SPF 30 while sunning and funning on South Beach for BET Her’s annual “Leading Women Defined” summit. As a certified beach bum, I absolutely adore this product. A couple sprays gives you that sexy subtle sheen, doesn’t stain my precious bikinis and moisturizes the skin without making that sticky feeling. I just purchased several bottles for myself and as gifts to my sun loving girlfriends! Click HERE to stock up!

I also love that Carol’s Daughter Monoi Oil SPF 30 is long lasting. At least 25 women sprayed themselves with this bottle over 2 days of outdoor fun, but it’s nearly 2/3 full. Don’t you find it annoying when your brand new SPF spray is empty after a few days of beach time? No worries on that with Monoi Oil!

Also, while this product is not currently sold in a 3oz TSA friendly size, it’s easily poured into a smaller travel bottle.  Click HERE to read more about Monoi Oil and to find my favorite string bikini by Voda Swim. I choose turquoise to highlight my green eyes but there are a gazillion colors so purchase the one (or 5) that makes your skin pop.

As always, thank you for stopping by Jackie Unfiltered. Spring and summer are in the air! Can’t you feel the vibrations?


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A Pouty Pink Lipstick to Beat the Winter Fog

January 31, 2018

Lipstick speaks to me like no other beauty product. It’s a quick and fairly inexpensive way to make a statement. Lately, I have been obsessing over Elizabeth Arden’s Bold Liquid Lipstick in Pink Lover 10. It’s a perfect pouty pretty pink that uplifts the spirits during these long days of winter. C’mon, with a name like “Pink Lover,” you better deliver some serious good vibes. After a day fighting these cold, mean and blustery NYC streets, “Pink Lover” did not disappoint.

The formula is creamy and high impact like lipstick but the finish is more like a gloss. The flocked tip applicator makes painting the pout easy as the right amount of product is released with just the click of a pen.

Rich emollients left my lips feeling luxuriously moisturized and perfectly pouty even after I walked a mile with snow blowing around my face. The best part is that once the shine wore off, a pretty little stain remained. No feathering and no bleeding around the lips. At the price of $22.00, this lippie is the perfect little pick me up in this dreary Northeast weather. To purchase your own Pink Lover lipstick, click HERE.

As always, thank you for stopping by Jackie Unfiltered. If you happen to speak with Spring, please tell her to hurry up and get to town. This cold dreary weather is a touch depressing if you know what I mean.


Disclaimer: Jackie Unfiltered does get paid a small percentage if you purchase this lipstick.  We’re working hard.  Salad is expensive.  

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Naturally Curly Hair Styling Tricks & Tips

December 7, 2017

I have been naturally curly my whole life.  I was born with curly hair and have worn it this way for the majority of my 40 years on planet Earth.  For that reason, I am emotionally torn about entering this online “hair” space filled with tips, tricks, videos and more products than most of us know what to do with at this point.  However, you keep asking for my curly tips so imma give you what you ask for!

How-so-eva, don’t think for minute that I am going to talk “hair” all the time. I’m not. I don’t think that hair is the most important thing about me or you. Yes, of course, I want my hair to look good.  I feel better when my hair is healthy and bouncy and the curls are tight and right.  But I truly understand that “hair” does not define us.  It does not make us pretty or ugly.  It’s but one part of our style statement that we present to the world.

I always say that I am not your typical natural hair curly girl.  I was born in 1977 with a head full of dark curly hair (yes I get bling highlights 4x per year..surprise surprise).  As I grew up, I begged, prayed and cried for straight hair.  When you are 13, a little overweight, gawky and not necessarily athletic, the last thing you want is a head of curly hair that makes you stick out.  Just the opposite, I wanted to fit in.  Fast forward almost 30 years and I love my curls.  Like absolutely love them.

My late mother and I visiting NYC when I was a little curly haired tot.

One of the reasons for not loving my hair back in the 80s and 90s is that, until recent years, there were few products designed to care for my curly cues.   The only products available were John Freida’s Frizz Eaze which did nothing to tame my ringlets.   Similarly, recent research now shows that us natural gals should wash our hair with non-sudsing, sulfite-free shampoo and conditioner becuase they dry out the hair and strip natural oils.   Well that’s just great!  Growing up I most definitely washed my hair with sulfites as my momma swore by inexpensive shampoo and conditioner.  The more suds the better!  Don’t judge.  How were we to know?

The other reason that I am apprehensive about writing about my hair is that much of what I read on the internet is very emotional.   Don’t get me wrong, I love my hair but, as I mentioned, I have been naturally “curly” since birth so I don’t have the revelations that many have had as they come to terms with their natural hair.  For example, I have never had a “big chop” to rid myself of a “perm.”  I did cut off all my hair after graduation from Spelman in 1999.  However, that had nothing to do with damaged hair and everything to do with trying to figure myself out and learn who I was.  All I actually learned was that I like myself better with hair longer than an inch.  Go figure. ??‍♀️??‍♀️  I am also not coming to terms with wearing my hair natural verses my desire to wear my hair straight.  I did go through a phase where I got roller sets and straightened my hair when I practiced law here in New York City.  But again, I never put much emotional energy into those decisions. I wanted smoother hair in the professional environment so I wore it that way.

Circa 2005 and about 28 years old. This is the first professional headshot I took when I worked in New York City as an attorney. As you can see, I went through a phase where straight hair was my am. At 40 years old, I can’t remember the last time I straightened my hair.

I just don’t get super worked up about my hair.  It’s just one piece of a big puzzle.  The other pieces matter just as much, if not more: what I eat, daily excercise, whether the clothes I wear fit my body, personality and lifestyle.  I say all this because I don’t want you falling into this trap of “hair.”  You can have the best damn hair in the world but if your skin is dull and your blood pressure is high, who cares?  Ya feel me?

That being said, I promised you Jackie’s HAIR TALK so let’s get into it.

Moisterize. Moisterize.  Moisterize.  One more time.  Moisterize.

Dry hair does not look good straight or curly.  The “internets” like to say that curly hair needs more moisture.  I don’t know if that is true or not as I operate under the rule that everything— skin, hair and body need moisture.  This is why I drink 1 gallon of water a day and use facial products that inject moisture into my skin.  For the hair, I apply SASHAPURE Masque Restorative (Sulfate-Free) at least once per week.  The directions tell you to leave it on for a few minutes but I typically apply the masque, pin my hair up in a bun and then leave it overnight or even all day if it’s a Sunday or a home work day.
In addition to the weekly hair masque, I also add moisture to my hair daily by spraying my hair every morning and night with water mixed with a few drops of SASHAPURE Deeply Therapeutic Hair Scalp & Skin Elixir.  By the way, whether your hair is nearly bald, bone straight or perfectly kinky, every woman needs a spray bottle or three!  Thank me later.

Shampoo & Conditioner

A few years back, I switched to no-suds Hair Rules’ Cleansing Cream Shampoo & Hair Rules Quench Conditioner which is sulfite free, gentle on my curls and injects tons of much needed moisture in my hair.  It is important to note that I use a couple tablespoons of both shampoo and conditioner.  I found that when I switched to a non-sudsing shampoo that I needed more product to get my hair clean and avoid product buildup.

Conditioner Tip:  I use a wide tooth comb while in the shower to comb the conditioner through my hair.  The ONLY time a comb touches my hair is when it’s soaking wet in the shower OR when it’s completely dry and I want more of a curly Afro look.


As I gently rinse out the conditioner, I use my fingers to begin styling the hair.  For example, if I want a right side part then I use my fingers to create the part in the shower.  Or, if I want my hair forward in my face then I use the fingers to rake it forward.   Styling my hair while in the shower with conditioner on it decreases the frizz.   Other than adding styling products to my hair, I don’t fuss with my hair much once I get out of the shower.

Immediately after I step out of the shower, I spray R+Co One Prep Spray on my dripping wet hair.  My hair falls 3 – 5 inches below my shoulders so about 5-7 spritzes around the head is plenty. I gently use my fingertips to scrunch the Prep product throughout the hair.  

After applying the Prep spray, I dispense a quarter size amount of R+Co Motorcycle Flexible Gel in the palm of my hands and then emulsify the gel by rubbing my hands together.  Starting at the back of my head (important to start at the back), I lightly scrunch the gel into my hair all over reaching the front of my hair last.  I use more gel depending on how much dry my hair is at the moment (every day is different).  I instinctively know I need more gel because my palms will be empty of product when I reach the front around my face.  It’s as if my hair talks to me and soaks up the product that it needs (don’t laugh, it’s true).  It’s always better to use less product because you can always add more.  Too much product will weigh hair down and make it lifeless.

Now lets add definition…

I put a little bit more of R+Co Motorcycle Flexible Gel on just my fingertips.  Using my fingertips only, I gently apply the gel to the ends of my  hair all around my head.  This gives my ringlets definition.  It also gives texture because it makes my hair more “piecy.”  I add extra gel sparily so some ringlets have a different look than others.  This contrast makes my hair more interesting and defined.


I use a towel during the first step of my drying process.  This is controversial with “curly girls” because I know many folks just let their hair air-dry without any heat and have a thing about even touching their hair when it’s wet.  I do not share that sentiment.  I think that drying is all about technique.  Take a towel in your hands, flip your head upside down and use that towel to gently scrunch your hair.  This towel drying step removes excess styling products (hate having too much product in the hair) and some moisture which will reduce drying time overall.  DO NOT, and I mean this, DO NOT take a towel and roughly run it all over your head.  This will create frizz no matter how you wear your hair, curly, straight, short or long.  Don’t do that EVER AGAIN!  I mean it.  Don’t!

This Video shows how NOT TO Dry your hair ever! 

This Video Shows you the proper technique for using a towel to remove excess product and moisture.  


I use the DevaCurl Hair Dryer with DevaFuser hand attachment.  I am not sure I need to say this but DO NOT dry your natural hair without a diffuser attached to your hair dryer  You will end up looking like a bad version of Diana Ross, i.e. “not cute.”  I like this particular hair dryer because I am able to cradle the hair and scrunch as I dry.  I always start drying my hair with my head flipped over upside down.  This adds volume and helps create ringlets.  I set the dryer to medium air flow and medium heat and gently scrunch/dry the hair all over moving from one section to the next.  I hold the dryer in place for 15-30 seconds and then move the dryer over doing this until my hair is about 3/4 dry.  I then flip my head over and finish drying the scalp gently creating volume at the roots with my fingertips.

Drying hair upside down creates more volume.

Finishing the Hair

Once my hair is dried 100%, I spray a couple sprays of R+Co Dallas Thickening Spray at the roots focusing primarily on the crown of my head.  I then use my dryer again with my head flipped over to dry the Thickening Spray and add even more volume.

If my hair is looking dry or frizzy in some parts at that this point, I will spray a little water from my Spray Bottle (Water + Couple Drops Sashapure Hair Elixir), add a touch more Motorcycle gel and use my Diffuser again. A little frizz or undefined curl just means I missed a spot.  No big deal.

If it’s very humid outside or if I need my hair to hold for a fancier affair, I finish the hair with healthy does of Hair Rules Volumizing Hair Spray for hold and shine.

Throughout the Day…

Every few hours during the day, I will turn my hair upside down and fluff my roots as well as scrunch the ends.  It usually take a few hours for the style to set in and my hair to look really good.

Good ‘Ol Fashioned Luck

The final step is just good old fashioned luck.  On some days, my hair will just not act right either because it’s feeling dry, the air is too humid or whatever.  On those days, I don’t really mind much because that is when I just throw on a fierce hat, some earrings and a lip.  Remember, we end where we started.  It’s just hair!


As always, thank you for stopping by Jackie Unfiltered.  We wish you tons of good hair days, but most importantly, we wish you lives that are filled with love, adventure and abundance.


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Halloween Guidelines for Adults

October 31, 2017

Dear Fellow Adults:

My well traveled, always perfectly coiffed and intellectually advanced Spelman College roommate Heather Joy Thompson of (check out her website HERE for the gorge images alone!) created this hysterically funny Facebook video where she provided some rules on how adults should behave as we hand out treats to children tonight and celebrate the joy of dressing up for an evening.

Heather Joy and I lived together in Atlanta, GA from January 1998 until we graduated Spelman College in May 1999. Don’t even think of asking her where the bodies are buried!

I grabbed Heather Joy’s suggestions, added a few of my own and created what I would like to call:
Halloween Guidelines for Adults:”

  1. Give good candy like Snickers, Skittles, Caramel, Candy Bars or Chocolate. Keep your apples, water, protein bars and dehydrated fruit locked up in the pantry tonight.
  2. No child wants your pennies or nickels. If you must give out money, make it the paper kind of currency.
  3. No one has ever in the past or will in the future like that nasty candy corn so throw that away and don’t think about giving it to the children tonight.
  4. Give new candy, not last year’s stash from the back of the closet.
  5. Don’t question how old a kid is for #trickortreating. Youth is fleeting. Let them be kids as long as possible.
  6. Give the candy whether the kid has on a costume or not. You never know this child’s situation or what happened today.
  7. Bring your best energy when you open the door. Compliment their costume, outfit or just say #HappyHalloween with sincere enthusiasm.

Signed Warmly,
Jackie a/k/a A Caring Adult who has always loved the magic of Halloween Night

As always, thank you for stopping by Jackie Unfiltered.  We hope you have a safe and ghostly gobbley filled Halloween Night!


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Facial Sheet Masks = Instant Face Lift!

October 28, 2017

I took a quick 48 hour jaunt to Paris & Amsterdam in August 2017 with my ace Taung and her 16 year old daughter Madison.  We had the best time celebrating Madison’s Sweet 16 doing girly touristy things like snapping pics from the famous ferris wheel overlooking the Lourve Gardens, Eiffel Tower and Palais du Luxembourg to lazy strolls searching for decadent pastries and perfectly prepared omelettes.

Picturesque View from the top of the famous Ferris Wheel in the Lourve Gardens. Totally touristy and totally worth it!

She’s only had hundreds of years more practice than me!

Pinching Paris is the Sweetest type of 16!

After running around on the Right Bank like kids in a candy store, we crossed the Seine into the Left Bank where we window shopped and explored the quaint narrow streets feeding into the famous Saint Germaine Boulevard.  My uber chic girlfriend Debra Shriver (no really, Deb is one of the most chic, kind and effervescent women I know) advised us to grab a pastry and cafe creme at Comptoir Poilane on rue de a Cherchi Midi.  The restaurant had just closed (double darn) so we grabbed a couple pastries next door at the bakery, stopped at Barde LaCroix Rouge for a beverage and then people watched on the square.

A highlight of the trip was aimlessly exploring the French “Pharmacy” looking for new beauty products.  My favorite find on that trip was discovering NUXE Splendieuse® Anti-Dark Spot Perfecting Sheet Mask.

Nuxe markets this as an anti-hyperpigmentation mask that helps to reduce dark spots and to boost radiation.  I can 100% agree!  I apply this mask to a cleansed face and, depending on how much time I have, I let the mask sit for 10 – 30 minutes.  I can actually feel it working immediately with a little tingly feeling as it penetrates my poors and top layer of skin.  After peeling the mask off, my face is more radiant and plump, dark spots are reduced and my complexion has this soft glow.  I either apply at nighttime after a long steam and exfoliation or before a big night out as it leaves the perfect canvas for makeup application.

Jackie’s Tip ?:  Apply any excess serum inside the packet to your neck, décolletage (favorite word) and the back of your hands!

Unfortunately, this mask is hard to find in the United States but I have had success ordering through which carries international beauty brands.  If any of you know of a US retailer, please comment below because I swear this mask is liquid gold and a permanent part of my beauty ritual.  Similarly, if you find yourself in Europe thinking about Jackie, pick up a couple for your sister-friend and send them my way.  Me and my skin shall be eternally grateful!

Below are a couple similar sheet masks available on Amazon (click the images below to read more about the benefits of sheets masks and to order each product).  If you do not have a sheet mask as part of your beauty regimen, then I highly suggest you add it.  It’s far cheaper and less painful than a face lift.  #JustSaying

As always, thank you for stopping by Jackie Unfiltered.  We wish you a Halloween weekend filled with ghostly moments, treasured memories and a couple great costumes!


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Shake Up Your Fall Beauty Routine with a New Lip Color

October 20, 2017

One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to usher in a new season is to shake up your beauty routine.  As the temps get cooler and that summer glow has almost faded, I like to change my lipstick color.

In the summer, I wear corals, poppy reds and on some days, just a bit of pinky gloss.   During the fall and winter, you will almost always see me in a bold lip.  It brightens up my face, brings out my eyes and straightens my spine a bit.

Years ago, my beloved makeup artist, otherwise known as “dragon slayer Keke,” taught me the magic of a red lippie.  On a day like today when I am operating on little sleep, a slight hangover (don’t judge), have minimal time to plan my outfit but still need to crush my day with superwoman badassery, I always turn to the red lip.

For giggles and because I wanted to try something new, I took Elizabeth Arden’s Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick in Scarlet for a spin today.  I am used to wearing matte lipsticks that only budge if you take a sledgehammer to your lips so it took me a few hours to get used to this moisterizing formula.

In fact, by midday and after my second cup of coffee, I sent KeKe a text and we both decided that this lipstick definitely needs a waterproof lip-liner base to keep from feathering around my lips.

Once I applied the liner and then reapplied the Scarlet lipstick, I was off to the races.  The lipstick lasted through a kale salad, a couple train rides and a few errands.  In fact, a very sweet and seriously stylish young woman wearing interesting jewelry at the hat shop asked me if she could snap my picture because my lipstick looked so rich and luscious.  Given that I am operating on 4 hours sleep, a hip millennial appreciating anything about me is a serious win for a basic Thursday.

To purchase the Scarlet Lipstick, click HERE and to purchase the Waterproof Lip Liner, click HERE.

As always, thank you for stopping by Jackie Unfiltered.  Cheers to bold lips, this beautiful fall weather and getting at least 8 hours of shut eye tonight (I am 40 not 25 so this can’t continue)!


Spring Fashion |


Disclaimer:  A woman working this hard for the people has to eat so I will be paid a small percentage if you purchase products listed here.  Can I live please?


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Make-up Tutorial for Daytime Smokey Eye with a Bold Lip

May 1, 2017

It’s Gala season in New York City which means we play dress up a few times in the evening and during the day to support our favorite charities and causes.   I recently attended the Studio Museum of Harlem’s annual Spring Luncheon which is always held at the Mandarin Oriental overlooking Central Park.  It’s a favorite event becuase I get a chance to catch up with old friends and make a couple new ones while supporting art, history and culture.


I decided to wear this two piece ensemble by Tibi (the irony is that I wear more crop tops at 40 than I ever would have attempted at 25).  I credit this to my healthy habits, sweaty workouts and nutritiously dense recipes I have committed to over the last 10 years.

After taking one look at this rose gold frock, my beloved New York City make-up artist KeKe suggested we do a daytime smokey eye with a bold lip.  Watch this hilarious step-by-step video of how this effortless beauty look comes together in my boudoir, including application tips from KeKe:

(To purchase products used to create this look, click the links below.)

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Prepping Face:

  1. Cleanse, tone and moisturizer the face before applying any makeup (always)
  2. Prime face using Tom Ford “Illuminating Primer” (perfect for every skin tone) using Tom Ford Brush 01
  3. Prime eyelids using Laura Mercier Eye Base Primer in  “Wheat” (adjust color for your skin tone) using Tom Ford Brush 01


  1. We use THREE eyeshadow palettes for this look
    — Elizabeth Arden Eyeshadow Trio in “Oh So Pink 04,
    — Elizabeth Arden Eyeshadow Trio in Love Of Grey 07
    (The Elizabeth Arden shadows slide in and out of this Customizable Compact.)
    — Tom Ford Eye Color Quad in “Cocoa Mirage”
  2. Apply the deepest grey from “Love of Grey” all over eyelid using Tom Ford Brush 13
  3. Using your finger with a tapping motion, apply a wash of the middle pink shade from “Oh So Pink” over the grey shadow
  4. Using your finger, press the sparkly celestial from “Love of Grey” just over the center of your eyeball (don’t be afraid to apply this glitter color as this will make your eyes pop).
  5. Apply the 2nd color (matte taupe) of Cocoa Mirage to the crease using Tom Ford Brush 13 using a windshield wiper motion
  6. Apply brown eye-liner (Smashbox Always Sharp Waterprook Kohl Liner in “Sumatra) to the top and bottom lash line
  7. Soften bottom lash line using the same matte taupe from Tom Ford Cocoa Mirage with Tom Ford Brush 14
  8. Apply dark black mascara on top and bottom lashes (Elizabeth Arden Grand Entrance Mascara in “Stunning Black”)
  9. Clean up any shadow-fall out under the eyes with a q-tip dipped in a little eye-makeup remover



  1. Apply corrector or concealer matched to your skin tone under the eye in a triangle, on the sides of the nose, between the brows and around the lips (I use Tom Ford Amber Éclat but you should find the right color for your skin tone).  Use Tom Ford Brush 02 to gently tap the product into the skin using a bouncing/tapping motion.
  2. Apply foundation if you use (I don’t generally use foundation)
  3. Apply the bottom 2 colors of Elizabeth Arden FourEver Bronze Bronzing Powder to the contours of the face (perimeter of the face, hollows of the cheek, side of the nose from inner eye to tip and neck) using Sephora Powder Brush
  4. Apply peachy pink blush color from Elizabeth Arden Bronzer to the apples of the cheeks using Trish McEvoy 65 Angled Contour Brush
  5. Apply highlighter of Elizabeth Arden Bronzer from to the cheekbones to above eyebrows using an arc motion, down bridge of nose and just above the lip using Charlotte Tilbury Powder & Sculpt Brush
  6. Lightly fill in eyebrows with pencil or shadow in a color appropriate for your skin tone (I use Charlotte Tilbury or Tom Ford Brow Shaper)
  7. Buff entire face using light swirling motion with Tom Ford Brush 05
  8. Lighly powder under eyes in a color appropriate for your skin tone (I use Chanel Poudre Universelle Compacte in 30 Naturel – Translucent 2)


  1. With great intention, apply Mac Diva Glam Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolor in Slipper Orchid

As always, thank you for stopping by Jackie Unfiltered!  We wish you Spring days filled with lots of glam and wonderful memories.

Jackie & Keke


If you would like to purchase any product below that does not have a link OR you would like a personal consultation via phone or FaceTime, email  and include “Jackie Unfiltered” in the subject line.

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DIY Natural Exfoliating Body Scrub Recipe made with Coffee, Brown Sugar, Oatmeal, Coconut Oil, Vanilla and Lemon Oil

March 14, 2017
DIY Natural Coffee, Sugar Coconut Oil Exfoliating Scrub Recipe |

Winters are dry and long here in the American Northeast so I am loving this all natural DIY body scrub made with coffee, brown sugar, oatmeal, coconut oil, vanilla and lemon oil.  Use it all over the body to exfoliate dead skin, rejuvenate cell growth and soften everything from your heels to the back.  My mother would have said, “From the roota to the toota.”

DIY Natural Coffee, Brown Sugar Coconut Oil with Vanilla Exfoliating Body Scrub Recipe |

Skin takes on a natural glow after sloughing off that top layer of dusty old cells.   I usually buy a scrub from a retailer but lately I have been seeing recipes for DIY natural scrubs all over the internet.   After doing some research, I found that, in about 5 minutes, we can make a decadent and luxurious body scrub at home with ingredients just lying around the house for a fraction of the price we pay for retail scrubs.  The best part is that we know exactly what’s in our homemade scrub.  No preservatives or processed ingredients on our bodies.

  • Coffee Grounds – long hailed for smoothing out the skin, increasing circulation and even reducing the appearance of cellulite
  • Brown Sugar – while not good to eat too much of, brown sugar’s soft crystals are the perfect gentle exfoliant for even the most sensitive skin
  • Oatmeal – elders have medicinally used oatmeal pastes and scrubs to soothe skin irritated by itches, sunburn and rashes
  • Coconut Oil – skin’s natural superfood moisturizer which is also antibacterial and antifungal
  • Lemon Oil – acts as a astringent, brightens dull and tired skin and has detoxifying properties as well

DIY Natural Coffee, Brown Sugar Coconut Oil with Vanilla Exfoliating Body Scrub Recipe |

My husband says I can’t make anything without adding a little vanilla.  After some thought, I think he may be on to something.  I love the smell and taste of a vanilla bean when cooking (great way to add complex flavor without increasing the fat or calories in a recipe).    In this body scrub, it perfectly compliments the coffee, coconut, lemon and brown sugar.

As always, thank you for stopping by Jackie Unfiltered.   I am off to take a long shower and slough this skin to perfection.


DIY Natural Coffee, Brown Sugar Coconut Oil with Vanilla Exfoliating Body Scrub Recipe

In 5 minutes, you can make a natural body scrub that exfoliates, detoxifies, refreshes and moisturizes the skin.  The best part is that this all natural recipe will cost you a fraction of what you would pay for similar products at major retailers.  

Cuisine Body Scrub
Prep Time 5 minutes
Author Jackie


  • 1 Cup Ground Coffee Beans Fine Texture
  • 1 Cup Brown Sugar
  • 1/2 Cup Oatmeal Old Fashioned
  • 1/2 Cup Coconut Oil
  • 1/4 Cup Olive Oil
  • 1 Tsp Pure Vanilla Extract
  • 1 Vanilla Bean Cut to fit the jar that will hold your scrub
  • Peels from 1 lemon Avoid the pith


  1. Mixture: In a wide bowl, mix together coffee, sugar, oatmeal, oils, vanilla extract.  

  2. Jarring: If using mutiple jars, divide mixture equally.  Add a vanilla bean to each jar.  Squeeze several lemon peels over each jar to release the lemon oil. Stir to combine.  Store tightly sealed jars in the refrigerator until ready to use.  Enjoy!  



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Mac’s Ruby Woo: A Red Lipstick that will Beat the Winter Blues and Usher in Spring!

February 6, 2017

Around this time of year, we all feel a little sluggish from the dog days of Winter.  Skin has paled from the shorter days.  Energy levels are down from the lack of Vitamin D.  Attitudes are in a rut because we have grown tired of winter layers and now yearn for the longer, carefree days of summer.  Well, I have a fairly inexpensive cure for winter blues.  No need to hop a plane to warmer weather.  Just invest less than 30 buck and change your lipstick.  Let me re-introduce you to our favorite red lipstick: MAC Retro Matte Lipstick – Ruby Woo

Red Lipstick - Ruby Woo |


My makeup artist-sister-from-another-mister, KeKe, advises that Ruby Woo is a true red, matte lipstick with a blue undertone that works overtime in terms of staying power.  It actually takes make-up remover to completely erase any signs of this highly pigmented lipstick.  You swipe this signature color on your lips and instantly feel good, whether you are hitting the town in black tie or just running errands.  In addition, it literally works on her every hue and transforms every woman’s face differently.

One day, totally unplanned, Keke and I both showed up for breakfast wearing MAC Retro Matte Lipstick – Ruby Woo.  We couldn’t have more different looks or skin tones yet it works perfectly and differently at the same time.


When I saw this stunning picture of bad-azz-boss-millennial-influencer Maura Chanz come across my Instagram feed last month, I tripped on my feet.  I DM’d her immediately asking about this radiant lip color.  I was suprised (and not surprised!) to discover that she was wearing MAC Retro Matte Lipstick – Ruby Woo.  Maura said she started wearing this eponymous color because of Traci Ellis Ross.  Well thank you Ms. Ross, becuase Ms. Chanz will own any room she enters wearing this lippie.  (By the way, check out Maura’s inspiring twitter chat the last Wednesday of every month, #TribeChats hosted by You Need Tribe.)

MAC Retro Matte Lipstick – Ruby Woo also looks equally striking on celebrity jewelry designer Shauna Neely during a Hamptons’ garden soiree.

MAC Retro Matte Lipstick – Ruby Woo works with an apron in the kitchen entertaining at home, hanging out with your love at a favorite haunt in ripped denim or hitting the town in a little black dress.  It always looks classic and put together.  In fact, we did a whole photo shoot Summer 2016 with Ruby Woo.  Renee, the stylist for the shoot, and KeKe had intended to change the lip color with each look but it just popped with every color and each outfit so we left it be.




MAC Retro Matte Lipstick – Ruby Woo gives off this effortless, shrug my shoulders, “I don’t care, but really, you know I care quite a bit” effect.   It is an easy and inexpensive way to give yourself a little lift until the weather breaks this Spring.   However, I must remind you that if you decide to join our Ruby Woo fan club, you must heed KeKe’s sage advice: “Always apply red lipstick with great intention. If you are going to wear it honey, then wear it.” And as our dearly departed Prince would say,  wear it as if, “Could you be the most beautiful girl in the world?”

As always, thank you for stopping by Jackie Unfiltered.  We wish you a warm and fierce week filled with red lip moments.



???  Mac’s Ruby Woo is a Certified member of Jacqslist???


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Holiday Glam in a New York Minute

December 7, 2016

With such busy lives, few of us have the time or energy to run home and change our clothes and make-up for every holiday soirée or evening commitment.  Sure, there are those special moments where you luxuriously get dressed and expertly apply your makeup.  Ooh, how I love those moments. ?  But today, Keke spills the tea on a couple quick beauty tips that you can stash in your purse for Holiday Glam.  (Read about KeKe’s signature 5 minute face here: Everyone Sees Your Face. Few Notice Your Shoes.)

The holidays are a perfect time to try out a look you have admired and always wanted to try.  It’s the season for excess!  (I am a walking ‘Rose Bowl Float’ shooting for excess year round but, hey, that’s just me.)

  1.  ??? One night, try a brighter, deeper, darker or richer lip shade.
  • We love the sexiness of ‘Velvet Rope’ Entourage by Lipstick Queen:  “richly pigmented, featherlight formula that glides on like silk” providing a matte finish.  It stays smooth and creamy all day because the weightless formula has Vitamin E and apricot oil.  Try Velvet Rope with a winter white sequin ensemble for a Holiday editorial look.


  • We also are crushing on ‘Curious Orange’ by Chanel which is a twofer:  one side is a long wearing matte base coat that dries quickly without any transfer or feathering and other side is a clear high gloss top coat with a soft non-tacky texture. (This lippie goes nowhere once applied…not even off my tester hand!). Don’t be afraid of this bright color.  Use it to punch up an outfit for holiday brunch or an all-black ensemble as you run to the office holiday party.

img_1101 fullsizerender

I have already worn Curious Orange to a few different events.  The bright color feels fresh and the long-wearing formula is perfect for a night on the town.


Curious Orange added the perfect pop of bright color at a recent Masquerade Ball.



    With all black, a feathered beret, and a trendy lace choker, Orange Crush feels whimsical.  Use the holiday season to go a little extra.  Put on that “something” you bought on sale becuase you loved it but have never had the guts to wear.
  • Any after-dark Holiday ensemble will work with ‘Nicholas’ by Tom Ford Lips & Boys: limited edition ‘clutch sized’ deep matte color that is ultra-kissable and simply decadent.   Dark lipstick looks alluring on all skin tones.  Use it to add drama to even your most casual holiday ensembles.

I am tickled with this mini sized TF Lips & Boys collection. Perfect for even my tiniest clutch. If I could only figure out how to shrink my Iphone too!



Nicholas pairs perfectly with emerald green sequins

2.  ✨✨✨ Sprinkle or smooth glitter or sparkle on shoulders or décolletage (favorite word by the way!)  Monoi Body Glow by NARS moisturizers the skin while providing chocolate shimmer that is perfect for a holiday soirée by candlelight.


3. ??? You don’t need to redo your day makeup, just use your finger to swipe a celestial on the eye just above the eyeball.  Fantasme or Mysterio, Illusion D’Ombre Long-Wear Luminous Eye-Shadow by Chanel: an intensely shimmering shadow doubling as shadow or eyeliner provides a little peak of shimmer when batting your eyelashes.

fullsizerender-2 fullsizerender

4.  ??? Add a little decadence by sweeping a highlighter on the high points of your face: cheekbone, above your brow and bridge of the nose. For darker skin, Format Powder Blush by MAC and for lighter skin, Global Glow by MAC provides that luminous glow.  You can keep a highlighter in your make-up bag along with powder and lipstick for those unexpected holiday cocktail invites.   It’s all about the quick and effortless touch-up.

img_1017 img_1020

5. Spritz on a new scent since, “You are never fully dressed without perfume.”  Chanel No 5 L’Eau is the modern, fresh and vibrant embodiment of the classic Chanel scent.  A dab of Chanel perfume behind the ear will instantly make you feel classic, refined and chic.

img_1024 img_1027

As KeKe and I say, “Maybe one night, you do all of the above!”  Every season reminds us how revitalized and refreshed we feel by embracing change.  Now is the time to embrace the magic of the Holidays.  So it’s not necessarily time to do over, it’s a time to focus on the details and take chances in the spirit of fun, revelry and maybe a little magic.  In other words, throw out the rules!  Who cares.  Do a thing called “whatever tickles your fancy” this season.

To purchase any of the items listed above, gifts for loved ones or receive a consultation, reach out to KeKe at 

As always, thank you for stopping by Jackie Unfiltered and remember “Always wear bold lipstick with great intention.”

xoxo ?,

Jackie & Keke

lipstick 3