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Equipment for Setting up a Home (or Office) Workout Space

October 26, 2018

The equipment below (weights, inflatable playground ball, yoga mat, ankle weights and resistance bands) are all you really need to put together a kick-ass home (or office) gym.  No really.  I swear to you that these simple and easy-to-find props coupled with my own body weight and proper form is what I primarily use to workout, keep my abdominal muscles toned and make sure this 41.5 year old body stays right, tight and #AlwaysBikiniReady.

As I wrote about a few years ago here, over the last 11 years, I transformed my body through 1000s of Physique 57 (P57) barre classes.  In P57, the standard props for almost every class are a heavy set of weights (5 – 10 lbs depending on your fitness level), a lighter set of weights (2 – 5 lbs), a squishy playground ball, a yoga mat and a resistance band.  Along with proper form (shoulders relaxed and pulled down, belly button tight and hips slightly tucked), P57 uses these simple props to push bodies to a quivering mess.  It hurts in  the moment but creates rapid change.  The P57 Method is based upon using isometric (tiny) movements and interval training to completely fatigue a muscle. This high energy and fast-paced workout tightens, tones and lengthens the body from head to toe (think prima ballerina).  Click HERE to learn more about Physique 57 and sign up for their online streaming program which is only $19.99 per month, a serious steal considering the results you see below.

Since I launched the Jackie Unfiltered platform a few years ago, increased my philanthropic work at Harlem School of the Arts and began an intense travel schedule, I don’t have the time to get to the P57 studio as often as I would like.  Understanding that I need to recalibrate my fitness routine to fit my new schedule, priorities and commitments, I set up a home, or rather bedroom gym, using the items lited below.  As of today, 75% of my #sweatysesh happens inside my house by pushing play on an excercise video or just grabbing a few props and “bicep curling” or “push-upping” my way through a TV show.


(heavy & light set)

Playground Ball

Ankle Weights

Resistance Bands

Yoga Mat

Inflatable Playground Ball

After watching my “girl crush” Tracee Ellis Ross pulse, squeeze and drip sweat through a few Tracey Anderson Method videos on Instagram, I recently added ankle weights to my Physique 57 Workouts.  As a disclaimer, these ankle weights are no damn joke.  They add resistance to your usual workout and really burn out the legs, core and arse. I highly suggest you try them.  However, please don’t let this added weight/resistance/prop cause you to lose proper form.  When using the ankle weights, you must be extra diligent with form (as you always should be), meaning hold your core tight and engaged and keep shoulders, relaxed and down while pinching shoulder blades together.  While using the ankle weights, if you can’t keep good form in a certain position then either remove the weights or modify the position to where you can maintain the proper posture.  Please don’t go rouge on me and ignore this warning on form.  If you do, you will hurt yourself, strain a muscle or just be jacked up.  I’m trying to tell you!

The other really cool thing about these ankle weights is that you can adjust the weight amount from .5 to 2.5 lbs by removing or adding the weighted bars.   Play around with the weight until you find the amount that both challenges you and allows you to keep proper form (broken record I know but form is QUEEN when working out).  


An-ty-hoo click the links above, buy the props, set up your home (or office) gym and then let’s get to some #sweatysesh work.  You have zero excuses not to be crop top, bikini or “life-ready” year ‘round.  I don’t cut myself any slack and you’re not entitled to any excuses either.  Get your ass in gear and let’s start sweating.

As always, thank you for stopping by Jackie Unfiltered. Check back often as we will be showing you our favorite fitness moves and how we use these props to make our bodies cry.  Doesn’t that sound super fun? 



PS:  These workout props would make an excellent Christams, Hanukkah or Holiday gift for someone special in your life.  When you encourage another person to workout, you are giving them the gift of life, love and wellness.  What could be better?

PPS:  If you click the affiliate links in this post and actually purchase anything, Jackie Unfiltered will be paid a small commission.  Not to worry, Jackie would never ever suggest a product that she doesn’t love 110% so let her LIVE1


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Running, Steps & Calisthenics Full-Body Workout (no equipment needed)

March 27, 2018

A few weeks ago when we were in Jamaica for Daynor’s 40th Birthday, Sikia the CTO suggested I start running again to mix up my workouts. She’s a workout queen too! I was reluctant because the last time I ran in August 2017, bursitis flared in my hips and the doc prescribed 5 days of horse pills to relieve the pain. Understandably, I have since given running a little bit of side-eye.

However, with the goal of toning up my legs even further for spring and summer, I agreed to hit the pavement again. Today marked my 7th run in 10 days so it’s safe to say I’m hooked. After a fall/winter where I worked out primarily indoors, I enjoy being outside soaking up the vitamin D.

To keep myself from getting bored and to make sure I cross-train my upper-body, I always add in some calisthenic work like pushups, tricep dips and abdominal work after my run.

Today, I also included stair intervals because, again, Sikia the CTO said it would be good for my legs. I secretly think she’s trying to kill me off but imma go along with this program for a few months. I mean, she has great legs so she might know what she’s talking ‘bout (FYI, Sikia is 41.5 years old.  It’s okay to hate her just a little bit.  Not much though cause I love her.  ??‍♀️???‍♀️??‍♀️??).

Here is today’s full workout that I completed down in sunny Miami. You can do it anywhere. No equipment neeeded other than some determination, running shoes and cute workout gear. Okay, the last one is optional (not really).

As always, thank you for stopping by Jackie Unfiltered. Remember to think about proper form when doing any excercise. Repeat this mantra to yourself constantly when working out, “Shoulders relaxed and down, shoulder blades pinched together, belly button tight.”  Train your muscles to look good!

Xoxo and in good health,
Jackie and Sikia

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Full Body Workout (Cardio, Upper-Body, Lower-Body & Abdominals)

March 11, 2018

The most effective full-body workout for me is mixing cardio with weight-lifting and body-weight exercises. It keeps my heart rate elevated, stops me from getting bored and is efficient as it works my entire body from top to bottom. Here’s a workout I did yesterday on a lazy Saturday afternoon in my home gym. However, this is perfect for hotel gyms when you are on the road or at home in the living room when you can’t make it to the gym. I always use basic exercises that any fitness level can approach. As with every workout, make sure you use proper form: shoulders relaxed, shoulder blades pinched together, core tightened, belly-button pulled in, lower back nuetral, pelvis slightly tucked and head up (think of a ballerina dancer with excellent posture). To make it simple for you, I have included written and video examples of the entire workout. Enough talking, let’s get #sweaty!

Below is my realtime workout filmed in my home-gym during Instastories.  It gives you a sense of proper form and how fast you should move through each excercise:

Here are my tips to make sure you crush this (and any) workout:

  1. Eat a lil’ something before working out. I prefer a mix of carbs, protein & healthy fats like a piece of fruit and nuts or one of my easy to throw together smoothie recipes which can be found HERE.
  2. Stay hydrated meaning drink at least 8-16 oz water before, during and after your workout.
  3. Eat a balanced and healthy meal within 30 mins of finishing the workout which includes lean protein, complex carbs such as fruit or whole grains, leafy greens and healthy fats.  The grilled fish and greens meal featured HERE  provides perfect post-workout fuel.
  4. During the workout, don’t dilly dally meaning chit chat or waste time. This is supposed to be HIIT, a High Intensity Interval Workout. Your heart rate should be elevated, you should feel slightly out-of-breath (not near death but working hard) and your body should be sweating throughout the entire session.

As always, thank you for stopping by Jackie Unfiltered. Nobody understands the daily grind of living a healthy lifestyle better than me. Don’t get caught up in the hype of anybody telling you that life changes in a week, a month or any short amount of time. That’s a lie. A gimmick. A healthy lifestyle is one that happens over time. It’s a culmination of good food choices most of the time and staying active most of the time. Ya feel me? Good. Have a #sweatygood day, week and life my friends!


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Lower Body Leg, Booty & Thigh Workout using Weights

April 22, 2017

I’m not really a weight lifting kind of gal.  I am more barre, cardio and yoga.  Jackie Unfiltered’s Chief Technology Officer (the “CTO” as I like to call her), Sikia, suggested I mix it up post-40 with some new workouts using traditional weight lifting exercises (you have to be living under a rock to miss my 40th birthday bash a few weeks ago #BestPartyEva)!

In full transparency, I am a size 4 and weigh about 130 lbs (haven’t actually weighed myself in years) but like most women who carry their weight in their lower body, I have some cellulite on my legs and not a ton of lower body muscle definition.  I am totally okay with all of this and very body happy.  However, I believe in fitness goals so right now I am willing to introduce some weightlifting to see different results.


I tried Sikia’s suggested leg workout below last Saturday.  In fact, for the first time in years, I have joined a gym so I am headed out in a few minutes to tackle these excercises yet again.  I want to tell you right now that they are effective but tomorrow and the next day, you will feel that good type of pain.  The kind of pain where it hurts to squat down and use the toilet.  The kind of pain where your muscles speak to you when you climb the stairs.  The kind of pain where your mind is saying, “This is gonna be so good for us” while your body is saying “Are you crazy?”  But no worries; the pain is just temporary!  Don’t be scared.  Give it a try.  What do you have to lose?

Lower Body: Quad, Hamstring & Booty Workout

The exercises below are a great way to introduce weightlifting into your weekly workouts.  They  are simple to do and use a combination of free weights and equipment found in every gym.  The goal here is to burn out your legs to the point of fatigue.  Challenge yourself using heavy weights but maintain good form and always engage your abdominal muscles.  Remember to stay hydrated.  


  • 10 Mins Cardio Warmup
  • 4x12 Set Overhead Squats
  • 3 Mins Cardio
  • 3x12 Sets Split Squats
  • 3 Mins Cardio
  • 3x10 Sets Leg Press
  • 3 Mins Cardio
  • 2x50 Sets Donkey Kicks
  • 10 Mins Cardio
  • 3x12 Sets Push-Ups
  • 1 Min Plank
  • 1 Min Side-Plank
  • 5 Min Stretch Critical


  1. I added cardio between each set to make this a one-stop shop workout.  I typically use the elliptical machine for cardio but the stairs or bike will work just as well.  Although this is labeled as a lower-body workout, your whole body should feel well-cooked when finished!

Our little team here at Jackie Unfiltered encourages you to mix up your workouts this Spring and try this Lower Body Leg, Booty & Thigh Workout with us.  The CTO, who already regularly lifts weights, claims that her Spring excercise mix-up will be to incorporate some yoga into her weekly workouts.  Please believe that I plan to keep her accountable.

Thanks for stopping by Jackie Unfiltered.  Like I said, this is Sikia the CTO’s jam so don’t blame me when you can’t go to the bathroom properly the next day.  How-so-eva, since I penned this article, I will take full credit for your awesome looking gams in a few months!

P.S. Happy Earth Day ??☘️??


***Medical Disclaimer***

Always consult a physician before beginning any excercise program. This general general information is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace your healthcare professional. Consult with your healthcare professional to design an appropriate excercise program. If you experience any pain or difficulty with these excercises, stop immediately and consult your healthcare provider

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“Anywhere” Leg & Tush Workout – get it right, get it tight

March 13, 2017
Leg & Tush Workout |

Here is another “Anywhere” Workout that will have your legs and tushies screaming at you.  I love a good “Anywhere” workout when you’re tight on time, away from home or stuck in the house waiting on the cable guy during the dreaded “4-hour window.”   I have always thought of myself as a pear type of girl meaning my torso is lean and mean and my bottom half can get a little wild and out of control if I don’t stay active and keep a close eye on my diet.  For this reason, I try to work my thighs and “boot-TAY” almost every time I work out with either cardio or resistance training.  I have never loved pumping iron or throwing around the weights in the gym.  In fact, through my years of practicing Barre at Physique 57, I have learned that weight bearing exercise (fancy lingo for using your own body weight as resistance) are a great way to tone your body.  The following workout will have your lower body screaming at you…in a good way!

Leg & Tush Workout |

Complete three (3) circuits with One (1) minute rest between each set.  Make sure you use a timer here to adhere to the rest time.  The goal is keep your heart rate elevated.

Here are few tips to help you correctly execute each excercise.  I have found that it’s better to go slower with good form rather than faster with poor form.  In general, tighten and support your core throughout each movement, keep your shoulders relaxed and don’t forget to breath as this sends oxygen to your muscles. Also, make sure you hydrate before, during and after this workout.

Bodyweight Squat: Pretend you are sitting down in a chair and keep your tush tightened as you lower and rise.

Donkey Kicks:  Keep your head in front of your hands, weight shifted forward, shoulders over hands and start the movement from the core.  It’s not about how high your leg lifts.  You want to feel the movement deeply along your torso, hamstrings and tush.

Jump Squats: Start the movement from deep in your core, sit back as if sitting in a chair, and explode from your feet focussed on pushing from your quads and tushie.

Fire Hydrants/Abductor Knee Raise: Keep your head in front of your hands, weight shifted forward, shoulders over hands and start the movement from the core.  The sensation should feel like your knee is trying to crunch and touch your shoulder.

Lying Side Leg Lift:  Your body should start straight as a pencil with core tightened and slightly lifted off the ground.  You should feel fully supported and like a tight rod before you even begin this excercise.  This is not a casual-lay-on-your-side moment.  Start the movement from your core and life with your side glute muscle.

As always, thank you for stopping by Jackie Unfiltered.  Remember, push yourself when you workout.  “Sweat is just fat crying.”


yoga plank variation |



***Medical Disclaimer***

Always consult a physician before beginning any excercise program. This general general information is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace your healthcare professional. Consult with your healthcare professional to design an appropriate excercise program. If you experience any pain or difficulty with these excercises, stop immediately and consult your healthcare provider


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“Anywhere” Leg Workout for Home, Office or even the Playground while the kids Play. No excuses!

March 12, 2017
Anywhere Leg Workout |

All of you know I love a good group fitness workout.  However, my busy travel and work schedule can keep me from getting in a sweat sesh at one of my favorite studios.  But no worries!  After taking over 1200 fitness class since January 2008, I know my way around a gym, a tiny hotel workout room or even my living room floor.  This “Anywhere” Leg Workout is one of my favorite ways to raise my heart rate, tone my legs and work up a sweat when I am tight for time or on the road.


My “Anywhere” Leg Workout is an interval training workout with 3 sets.  Complete each excercise listed on the left as 1 set.  Rest for 1 minutes between each set.  Start your timer on your mobile device to make sure you don’t rest too long.  The goal is to keep your heart rate elevated.  As you complete each excercise, tighten and support your core throughout each movement, keep your shoulders relaxed and don’t forget to breathe as this sends oxygen to your muscles.    Also, make sure you hydrate before, during and after this workout.

I always end this type of workout with steady cardio.  I define “steady cardio” as having an increased heart rate, definitely breaking a sweat, feeling slightly out of breath but able to still hold a conversation.  Just ask my friends and family who I call all the time when I am on the elliptical machine.

***Medical Disclaimer***

Always consult a physician before beginning any excercise program.  This general general information is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace your healthcare professional.  Consult with your healthycare professional to design an appropriate excercise program.  If you experience any pain or difficulty with these excercises, stop immediately and consult your healthcare provider.  

As always, thank you for stopping by Jackie Unfiltered.  We hope your week is filled with health and wealth!  Let’s get after it.


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Barre Workouts

April 15, 2016

Around December 27, 2008, on a trip in Mexico, my Mind had a heart-to-heart talk with my Body:

Mind:  Hey body, we are 31 years old  and things are changing.  We need a new health and wellness plan.

Body: Why?  A plan for what? We’re good.  You think to much.  We just fell in love.  We live in this amazing, diverse city.  We’re healthy.  In fact, just think how much healthier we are today than we were in our 20s.  We worked 12 hours a day and then partied all night with the beautiful people.  Ahhh…the gold ol’ days.

Mind:  First, our 20s were indeed lots of fun but we would not have survived much longer at that pace so just be glad we lived to tell the tales.  Second, I agree with all you said about being in a good mental place, but since turning 30 , I see and feel the changes to our skin, our metabolism and our overall health.  If we are really honest, we don’t feel comfortable right now, and that’s not good.  We need to look into something different and make health and wellness a priority.

Body:  Aw, you’re too hard on us.  We work out.  We try to eat healthy.  I mean, we fall of the wagon from time to time, and we have put on a few pounds during this whole falling in love phase, which was fun by the way, but overall we are doing pretty good.

Mind:  That’s the point.  I think we could be doing sooo much better.  And yes, I would like us to lose a few pounds.  But my end goal is not to get skinny, the goal is for us to feel strong.  Plus, you and I need to feel more connected and moving forward in the same direction.  You are over here.  I am over there.  We must create a better mind and body relationship so that our daily habits align with our long term goals.  For example, if we want to remain active into our golden years or hell, even our 40s for that matter, we have to develop different habits today.  And yes, we also need to drop a few pounds and build more muscle.  Today, we are 31 and have gained 5 pounds since turning 30.  If we gain 5 pounds every year for the next nine years, that’s 50 pounds overweight when we turn 40 and I just have to imagine that will be hard for both of us to deal with.

Body:  Ok, fine.  Good points.  50 pounds overweight in 10 years got me extra shook.  What’s the plan?

Continue Reading…

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Yoga Provides Balance In the Mind and Body

April 15, 2016
Yoga provides balance and stretches muscles |

I love yoga.  Okay, in patent honesty, I love a type of yoga taught by a specific instructor in a certain city.   The instructor is Julie Wiesman and the class is “Core Fusion Yoga” in downtown Miami.  Exhale Spa describes this class as “fast paced yoga flow with an extra ‘oomph’ for your thighs, glutes and abs.”  Jackie Unfiltered lifestyle describes it as “ass-kicking, sweat your socks off yoga that makes your core feel rock solid and is not for the faint of heart.”

yoga plank variation |



Despite my committed feelings about fitness, I have verbally disliked yoga in the past.  I used to say that it feels like a waste of time with too much breathing and stretching and not enough breaking a sweat and moving.   Well my opinions changed after my first Core Fusion Yoga class with Julie in February 2016.   Julie, a quintessential “Miami-an” with her killer body, blond hair and amazing smile, teaches this class to hip-hop, rhythm & blues and soul music.    She focusses on breathing through each pose, constantly corrects students making sure every person gets the most out of the hour and provides endless variations so each fitness level achieves maximum burn.

If I am going to invest an hour working out, I want to push my body past its perceived limits because I know this is where bodies change. I crave the endorphin high after a good workout.  Ask any fitness junkie and they will agree that sweating is both cleansing and addictive.  With challenging sequences including compound movements and plank work, Julie’s Core Fusion Yoga class pushes my body past “comfortable” and definitely tops my list for workouts in Miami.

Yoga brings balance to the mind and body |


After a particularly #sweaty class in 2016, Julie and I sat down for a little Q&A:

Jackie:  How do you approach new students in your class who are just getting into fitness?

I ask them questions like, “Why are you here?”  Everyone has different reasons.  I connect to their specific answer.  I also ask about injuries and explain a little about the class.  I encourage them to go at their own pace explaining that fitness is a journey.  It’s not about being perfect but rather about moving your body and having fun.   I do warn them that it will be tough but that is a good thing because our bodies crave and need challenge for change.

Jackie:  How do you approach students who are fit but new to group fitness classes such as barre or yoga?

Fit people are surprised even more because they come in with an air and ego.  Check that at the door.  Be open for a new experience because this will differ from lifting weights or going for a run.  I also tell them, “If you are pretty active, you’re going love this class because it will push your limits.”

Jackie:  How do you personally stay in shape?

Through consistent workouts, daily sleep and good eating habits:

     WORKOUTS: Boxing, Pilates, megaformer and yoga.  Yoga keeps me balanced. I live a high intensity life constantly running on all cylinders.  Yoga helps me balance physically, mentally and emotionally and reminds me to stretch my muscles.  If we only do cardio and strength training, we will break.  You need the stretch.

     SLEEP:  I try to get 7-8 hours of sleep per night!  Sleep is the biggest thing for your metabolism because it is about repair time and keeping hormones in balance.

     PROPER DIET:  You can’t eat like crap.  The body needs something within 30 minutes of waking up. In the morning, I eat chia pudding or fresh fruits.  For lunch, I typically eat a salad with protein.  I eat lots of roasted sweet potatoes which are also good for weight loss.  I use different spices such as cumin, honey and cinnamon.  Sweet potatoes keep me full and energized without causing bloat.  My dinner consists of protein and roasted vegetables.  Unless I am going to a sit down dinner, I always cook my own food.  I don’t believe in fast food.   Realistically, I am an 80/20 girl meaning I eat healthy 80% of the time and enjoy the other moments with wine and dessert from time to time.


???Julie Wiesman’s Core Fusion Yoga is a Certified member of Jacqslist. ???


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As always, thank you for stopping by Jackie Unfiltered.  Let us know your favorite yoga classes in the comments below.


Be happy on purpose every day |