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Yoga Provides Balance In the Mind and Body

April 15, 2016
Yoga provides balance and stretches muscles |

I love yoga.  Okay, in patent honesty, I love a type of yoga taught by a specific instructor in a certain city.   The instructor is Julie Wiesman and the class is “Core Fusion Yoga” in downtown Miami.  Exhale Spa describes this class as “fast paced yoga flow with an extra ‘oomph’ for your thighs, glutes and abs.”  Jackie Unfiltered lifestyle describes it as “ass-kicking, sweat your socks off yoga that makes your core feel rock solid and is not for the faint of heart.”

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Despite my committed feelings about fitness, I have verbally disliked yoga in the past.  I used to say that it feels like a waste of time with too much breathing and stretching and not enough breaking a sweat and moving.   Well my opinions changed after my first Core Fusion Yoga class with Julie in February 2016.   Julie, a quintessential “Miami-an” with her killer body, blond hair and amazing smile, teaches this class to hip-hop, rhythm & blues and soul music.    She focusses on breathing through each pose, constantly corrects students making sure every person gets the most out of the hour and provides endless variations so each fitness level achieves maximum burn.

If I am going to invest an hour working out, I want to push my body past its perceived limits because I know this is where bodies change. I crave the endorphin high after a good workout.  Ask any fitness junkie and they will agree that sweating is both cleansing and addictive.  With challenging sequences including compound movements and plank work, Julie’s Core Fusion Yoga class pushes my body past “comfortable” and definitely tops my list for workouts in Miami.

Yoga brings balance to the mind and body |


After a particularly #sweaty class in 2016, Julie and I sat down for a little Q&A:

Jackie:  How do you approach new students in your class who are just getting into fitness?

I ask them questions like, “Why are you here?”  Everyone has different reasons.  I connect to their specific answer.  I also ask about injuries and explain a little about the class.  I encourage them to go at their own pace explaining that fitness is a journey.  It’s not about being perfect but rather about moving your body and having fun.   I do warn them that it will be tough but that is a good thing because our bodies crave and need challenge for change.

Jackie:  How do you approach students who are fit but new to group fitness classes such as barre or yoga?

Fit people are surprised even more because they come in with an air and ego.  Check that at the door.  Be open for a new experience because this will differ from lifting weights or going for a run.  I also tell them, “If you are pretty active, you’re going love this class because it will push your limits.”

Jackie:  How do you personally stay in shape?

Through consistent workouts, daily sleep and good eating habits:

     WORKOUTS: Boxing, Pilates, megaformer and yoga.  Yoga keeps me balanced. I live a high intensity life constantly running on all cylinders.  Yoga helps me balance physically, mentally and emotionally and reminds me to stretch my muscles.  If we only do cardio and strength training, we will break.  You need the stretch.

     SLEEP:  I try to get 7-8 hours of sleep per night!  Sleep is the biggest thing for your metabolism because it is about repair time and keeping hormones in balance.

     PROPER DIET:  You can’t eat like crap.  The body needs something within 30 minutes of waking up. In the morning, I eat chia pudding or fresh fruits.  For lunch, I typically eat a salad with protein.  I eat lots of roasted sweet potatoes which are also good for weight loss.  I use different spices such as cumin, honey and cinnamon.  Sweet potatoes keep me full and energized without causing bloat.  My dinner consists of protein and roasted vegetables.  Unless I am going to a sit down dinner, I always cook my own food.  I don’t believe in fast food.   Realistically, I am an 80/20 girl meaning I eat healthy 80% of the time and enjoy the other moments with wine and dessert from time to time.


???Julie Wiesman’s Core Fusion Yoga is a Certified member of Jacqslist. ???


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As always, thank you for stopping by Jackie Unfiltered.  Let us know your favorite yoga classes in the comments below.


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