Golf is a great game to network socially and professional and stay active with friends and family.

April 15, 2016

Over the past five years, the game of golf has become an integral part of the Jackie Unfiltered lifestyle.  We play to socialize, to exercise, to decompress and, last but not least, to talk trash  (I did break 90 a couple months back…just saying).

Some of our most meaningful friendships have developed on the golf course.  As a club champion just told me recently, its a “social game more than anything.”  After four uninterrupted hours, you really get a chance to know someone and many facets of their character–the good, the bad and the ugly.

Whether you ride in a cart or walk, golf provides a great way to experience the outdoors, get off the sofa and get moving.  Walking is my preferred way to play.  In an 18 hole round, I walk about 4 1/2 miles and burn over 600 calories.   Regardless how well you play on any given day, spending the day on the golf course is infinitely better than spending the day in the gym.

If you can manage your expectations (keep them real real low for a while), then golf provides this relaxing escape from our busy lives.  It is a real no-no to take phone calls on the golf course unless it is an emergency.  In additon, to play well, golf requires getting in a rhythm and a singular concentration on hitting the ball.  It’s call “swing thought.”  More on that at a later date.

Over a series of posts, planned activities and interviews with golf professionals and seasoned golfers, I hope to inspire many of you to pursue golf as a hobby.   As a therapist once told me, hobbies are important, especially as we age.  We need activities beyond work, family and social obligations that we do just for fun.  The game of golf provides that for our family.

It’s only fair for me to warn you in advance, I am serious about this game.  Jackie Unfiltered does not “hit and giggle” and lives by the motto, “look good, play good.”

???Golf as a hobby is a CERTIFIED Member of Jacqslist???

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