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“Anywhere” Leg & Tush Workout – get it right, get it tight

March 13, 2017
Leg & Tush Workout |

Here is another “Anywhere” Workout that will have your legs and tushies screaming at you.  I love a good “Anywhere” workout when you’re tight on time, away from home or stuck in the house waiting on the cable guy during the dreaded “4-hour window.”   I have always thought of myself as a pear type of girl meaning my torso is lean and mean and my bottom half can get a little wild and out of control if I don’t stay active and keep a close eye on my diet.  For this reason, I try to work my thighs and “boot-TAY” almost every time I work out with either cardio or resistance training.  I have never loved pumping iron or throwing around the weights in the gym.  In fact, through my years of practicing Barre at Physique 57, I have learned that weight bearing exercise (fancy lingo for using your own body weight as resistance) are a great way to tone your body.  The following workout will have your lower body screaming at you…in a good way!

Leg & Tush Workout |

Complete three (3) circuits with One (1) minute rest between each set.  Make sure you use a timer here to adhere to the rest time.  The goal is keep your heart rate elevated.

Here are few tips to help you correctly execute each excercise.  I have found that it’s better to go slower with good form rather than faster with poor form.  In general, tighten and support your core throughout each movement, keep your shoulders relaxed and don’t forget to breath as this sends oxygen to your muscles. Also, make sure you hydrate before, during and after this workout.

Bodyweight Squat: Pretend you are sitting down in a chair and keep your tush tightened as you lower and rise.

Donkey Kicks:  Keep your head in front of your hands, weight shifted forward, shoulders over hands and start the movement from the core.  It’s not about how high your leg lifts.  You want to feel the movement deeply along your torso, hamstrings and tush.

Jump Squats: Start the movement from deep in your core, sit back as if sitting in a chair, and explode from your feet focussed on pushing from your quads and tushie.

Fire Hydrants/Abductor Knee Raise: Keep your head in front of your hands, weight shifted forward, shoulders over hands and start the movement from the core.  The sensation should feel like your knee is trying to crunch and touch your shoulder.

Lying Side Leg Lift:  Your body should start straight as a pencil with core tightened and slightly lifted off the ground.  You should feel fully supported and like a tight rod before you even begin this excercise.  This is not a casual-lay-on-your-side moment.  Start the movement from your core and life with your side glute muscle.

As always, thank you for stopping by Jackie Unfiltered.  Remember, push yourself when you workout.  “Sweat is just fat crying.”


yoga plank variation |



***Medical Disclaimer***

Always consult a physician before beginning any excercise program. This general general information is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace your healthcare professional. Consult with your healthcare professional to design an appropriate excercise program. If you experience any pain or difficulty with these excercises, stop immediately and consult your healthcare provider


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