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Halloween Guidelines for Adults

October 31, 2017

Dear Fellow Adults:

My well traveled, always perfectly coiffed and intellectually advanced Spelman College roommate Heather Joy Thompson of (check out her website HERE for the gorge images alone!) created this hysterically funny Facebook video where she provided some rules on how adults should behave as we hand out treats to children tonight and celebrate the joy of dressing up for an evening.

Heather Joy and I lived together in Atlanta, GA from January 1998 until we graduated Spelman College in May 1999. Don’t even think of asking her where the bodies are buried!

I grabbed Heather Joy’s suggestions, added a few of my own and created what I would like to call:
Halloween Guidelines for Adults:”

  1. Give good candy like Snickers, Skittles, Caramel, Candy Bars or Chocolate. Keep your apples, water, protein bars and dehydrated fruit locked up in the pantry tonight.
  2. No child wants your pennies or nickels. If you must give out money, make it the paper kind of currency.
  3. No one has ever in the past or will in the future like that nasty candy corn so throw that away and don’t think about giving it to the children tonight.
  4. Give new candy, not last year’s stash from the back of the closet.
  5. Don’t question how old a kid is for #trickortreating. Youth is fleeting. Let them be kids as long as possible.
  6. Give the candy whether the kid has on a costume or not. You never know this child’s situation or what happened today.
  7. Bring your best energy when you open the door. Compliment their costume, outfit or just say #HappyHalloween with sincere enthusiasm.

Signed Warmly,
Jackie a/k/a A Caring Adult who has always loved the magic of Halloween Night

As always, thank you for stopping by Jackie Unfiltered.  We hope you have a safe and ghostly gobbley filled Halloween Night!


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