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How to travel chic & fashionable & hit the ground running once you land!

November 2, 2017

I travel at least once per month for either business or pleasure.   On my travel days, I want to look chic but casual with a dash of something fun.  Here are my 10 or so tips and fail safe formula for #TravellingCute.

  1. Pants:  I always wear a well-fitted comfortable pant with stretch for comfort OR a boyfriend jean.
  2. Layers:  Planes, trains and automobiles can get either cold or hot so I wear layers.  My base is generally a cotton t-shirt by Monrow and I either wear or pack a long-sleeve t-shirt for additional warmth.
  3. Outerwear:  A classic blazer or beautiful sweater will finish your t-shirt/jeans ensemble and give you a polished look ready for wherever life takes you once you reach the destination.
  4. Shoes:  I either travel in my black and white classic Converse sneakers, a pair of heeled clogs (you just have to take my word for how comfortable they are) or flat-ish boots.  The shoe must be easy to get on and off just in case airport security gets a little bonkers.
  5. Chunky Scarf:  I never leave home without an oversized soft scarf that can be used three ways: (1) swirled around the neck; (2) draped over my shoulders as an evening wrap; or (3) tucked around me as a blanket on the plane.
  6. Convertible Bag:  This will shock you but I generally only travel with one, maybe two, handbag(s).  My favorite bag of the moment is my black Gucci cross body body that I splurged on this Fall.  It’s perfect for travel because it converts from a cross-body bag to either a waist bag or a clutch by removing the gold chain. I call this #ExcellentCostPerWear
  7. Fedora:  “Jackie does not leave home for a trip without a fedora either on her head or packed away in the suitcase.” The fedora keeps me looking chic whether my hair is done or face is beat.  It is my not-so-secret weapon of style.
  8. Limited Jewlry:  Although I love accessories like no other, I generally only travel wearing simple gold/diamond hoops and my wedding rings.  Real gold and silver will not set off the TSA security alarms.  There is nothing worse than waiting to get through security watching a man or woman taking off heaps and heaps of jewlry.
  9. Limited Makeup:  Before a flight, I generously tone, serum and moisturize my face before applying Elizabeth Arden Prevage City Smart Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Hydrating Shield which protects my face from the sun and pollution.  I then apply a little primer all over my face and touch more to my cheekbones to naturally highlight my face.   Planes and trains use recycled air at high altitudes so I want my face as clean as possible to limit the damage.
  10. Extra Water:  I actually start hydrating the day before I am going to travel.  On average, I drink at least a gallon of water a day but on travel days I try to double that amount to combat bloating, dehydrating and dryness that can result from eating salty food and being around the stale travel environment.

BONUS TIP: I never check a bag and only travel with carry-on luggage.  Many people are shocked and can’t understand how I can go away for at least 2 weeks with just the bags below.  It’s actually quite easy.   The key tips I have for packing light is using only one color story (black/white or navy/gray for example) so everything is easily mixed and matched.  I also limit the shoes to only one pair of heels, one pair of tennis shoes for working out and a pair of flats/clog for comfortable walking.  In addition, I pack my toiletries in small clear plastic containers and my jewlry in a flat jewlry roll.  I will have to write a more in-depth post about my packing strategy later!

The final part of my travel routine is getting some exercise once I get settled at my final destination. ✈️….??‍♂️  This could mean walking briskly around town, putting in time at the hotel gym or taking a yoga/barre class at a local studio. As you know, I never leave home without my workout clothes (ask my peeps). ? My yoga pants, bra top and sneakers are top packing priority along with my hair diffuser, toothbrush and deodorant. For me, fitness is part of my lifestyle and a critical part of my emotional well being. It’s #MyTime that happens #Anywhere & #Everywhere.

As always, thank you for stopping by Jackie Unfiltered.  We hope you are headed into the world soon to discover new places, people and experiences.   When you do, get their stylishly.


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