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Dressing for the Holidays!

December 2, 2018

I love December in New York City.  In addition to the hope, excitement and joy in the air, there are endless parties and chances to get dressed up.  I must admit that I enjoy wearing the sparkle and shine as much as the tartan and buffalo plaid!  

Last night was our first Holiday event: a private birthday dinner for one of #Hubbs best friends at a delicious little Tapas restaurant in the East Village of NYC.  Afterwards, a few of us headed downtown to the infamous Soho Grand lounge for cocktails and a little catch up.  The night was small and intimate but I still wanted to be festive as you never know where a NYC evening will take you.  #stayreadysoyoudonthavetogetready

I choose to wear this black and gold top created by a local black designer paired with skinny black suede pants and sparkly but comfy wedges (both by Alice & Olivia).  This old studded belt from ASOS cinched the waist and added a little big of edge.  I bought this thick gold collar from Intermix in August and it is one of my most worn pieces of jewelry.  I adore the chunky link detail.  As for the other accessories, a black & white graphic piano box clutch from Anthropology adds a cool contrast to this warm look.  I also stacked my fingers with a variety of rings to add interest (I do need a manicure though).  

It wasn’t super cold last night so this little faux fur jacket was a perfect punch of color draped over my shoulders.  I bought it on sale at Bloomingdales back in October when temps dipped lower than expected one week.  Plus, we were just jumping in and out Uber cars anyway so warmth was not really on my mind.  

ALTERNATIVE DRESSED DOWN LOOK:  To dress this look down or wear for daytime even, swap the suede pants for relaxed denim.  Layer this gold shirt over a white button down and throw on a leather jacket.  As for footwear, relax the outfit further with loafers, mules or on trend athletic shoes.  Instead of a clutch, throw on a cross-body bag to keep your hands free.

As always, thank you for stopping by Jackie Unfiltered.  Happy Holidays everyone.  I can’t wait to see your holiday looks!



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LuLu Frost Jewelry Fall Sample Sale Alert!!

October 19, 2018

It’s the time of the year at Jackie Unfiltered where our favorite bauble designer, LuLu Frost, puts her fabulous inventory vault on sale for 80% off (click the link HERE to shop ASAP before everything is going going gone).

You can scoop statement necklaces for everyday or fancier pieces for the holiday parties coming up.  I personally wear the fancy stuff to the grocery store but hey, that’s just me.  You do you!

Now is the perfect SALE to snag interesting bracelets that you can wear casually alone or stack to create a unique arm party.

Why not treat yourself to some fine jewelry because that is included in the SALE as well. One  of the reasons why I covet LuLu Frost jewelry is that they produce well made accessories  at affordable prices that are easy to incorporate into your everyday casual look.

Or, you can throw everything on all at once for a more high-fashion look.  To nail this look, you must internalize a certain je ne saisquoi type attitude.   When folks ask, “why are you so dressed up?”  You respond, “cause I have a a few errands to run.”  You know what they say, elevate the game!

LuLu Frost’s designs always have a touch of Art Deco and offer a high dose of glam that’s perfect for amping up your basic white shirt and jeans or transforming your little black dress from “ehh, did that, done that” to “new dress, new you” status.

In fact, I picked up the green jewel you see in my headpiece from last night’s Studio Museum of New York Gala look from LuLu Frost’s Spring 2018 sample sale.

My New York City milliner turned this beautiful emerald green Art Deco bracelet into a brooch for the night that perfectly picked up the cooler tones in my beaded dress.  Today, the brooch became a bracelet again.  As you look through this season’s LuLu Frost Sample Sale, think about how you can use the pieces you buy in a variety of ways.  That is the new way to “go green.”  No pun intended.

As always, thank you for stopping by Jackie Unfiltered.  Happy shopping my friends!   I am off to Miami for a little weekend jaunt with the Hubbs.  It’s freezing in NYC and we could use a little dose of surf, sun and fun.  Have a fabulous weekend my friends.


*** Disclaimer:  Some of the jewelry featured above were gifted to me by LuLu Frost for promotional purposes.  However, know that I would never endorse or deign to wear anything that wasn’t fabulous.  Shop without any worries.  Jackie always has your back!  


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Bright Fuchsia Pink Drugstore Lipstick adds Glamour this Fall (or anytime really)

October 2, 2018

Today, we introduce Jackie’s first “Lip-Pick.”  Get it.  ???  I fell in love with the “power of lipstick” a few years ago when my make-up artist turned very dear friend, KeKe, showed me how the right lip color shade can brighten up your complexion, bring out the color of your eyes or even change your mood.

Today, I am featuring a vibrant bright fuchsia pink color by Revlon, aptly named “Femme Future Pink.”  Click HERE to purchase!

While some peons might argue that this color reads “summer,” I disagree.  This bright matte lip is the perfect match for Fall’s moody and sultry colors: black, deep burgundy, greens, navy blue, leopard print, gray, rusty orange or even browns.  It adds an interesting and unexpected pop of color that will make folks look twice and say, “There’s something about her but I can’t quite put my finger on it.”  The best part about this week’s Lip-Pick…wait for it…it’s only $7.99.  You didn’t read it wrong and that’s not a typo.  For less than $10 bucks, you can change your day, brighten your mood and add some serious “fashun-ny” panache to your Fall look with this fun lippie.  That’s what we call a steal.  Click HERE to purchase!

Another color I love for Fall is Revlon’s Cosmic Queen.  How-so-eva, this color is really hard to find right now (what’s up with that Revlon).  You can create a similar sparkly color as Cosmic Queen by applying a sparkly gloss over Femme Future Pink.  It’s not quite the same but it will work in a pinch.

As always, thank you for stopping by Jackie Unfiltered.  When friends get a glimpse of my makeup drawer and see the many shades of lipstick that I own, I just blame my obsession on KeKe.  C’mon, if she would have just let me keep wearing baby pink clear gloss on my lips, none of this would have happened!  Actually, I said that wrong.  Thank GOODNESS she saved me from baby pink lip gloss cause life is too short to wear boring lipstick!


PS:  Keke just started offering a new makeup service called “The Virtual Beat” for $45.00 (a steal because her normal fee is $150 and up) where she does your makeup virtually through FaceTime.  I know it sounds crazy but it’s pretty fricking awesome and a huge timesaver.  Once you schedule a mutually convenient time for the FaceTime call, KeKe walks you through applying your makeup step-by-step.   Here are some tips to get the best out of your session:  (1) Make sure your phone is propped up in a well lit space with the light facing you; (2) Text Keke a pic of your outfit beforehand so she has a chance to envision the look; (3) Have your brushes and makeup organized in front of you for easy access; (4) Have fun cause it’s just makeup people, not brain surgery or curing cancer.   Click HERE to learn more about KeKe’s Virtual Beat.

This look, including makeup, was created virtually with KeKe. Betta get yo’self some!

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What are you doing for others?

September 24, 2018

Martin Luther King Jr. once challenged us by asking,  “Life’s most persistent question is what are you doing for others?”  At 41 years old with more blessings than I can measure, I want to answer this question with clarity which is why I am spend so much of my free time working on behalf of charitable organizations.  Specifically, we financially support programs providing education to young people of color who live in underserved communities.  Both my husband and I attended public schools, and because of quality free education, robust after-school programs and caring adults that saw something special in us at a young age, we were exposed to opportunities and able to achieve success that exceeds the boundaries of our dreams.  We believe that every child in the United States, regardless of their parents’ income bracket, should have the same access to quality education and enrichment experiences.  We should not leave children and communities behind simply because they are poor.  It’s more than a passion project for our family, we deeply feel the obligation to give back what we have received.

For that reason, in 2017, I accepted the offer to join the board of directors of the Harlem School of the Arts (HSA) school located in Harlem New York.  For more than 5 decades, HSA has impacted over 55,000 young peoples’ lives through teaching dance, theater, music and visual art.  We provide a safe, loving environment where kids are inspired to strive for excellence through exposure to the arts.  Our school is a world class New York City cultural institution where over 55,000 kids have learned to appreciate the arts.  The long list of accomplished alumni speaks volumes about our success.  Our goal is not only encouraging kids to become professional artists but to create the next generation of innovators and thinkers who appreciate the value of the arts


The annual HSA Masquerade Gala is coming up on October 22.  I am co-chairing this year so I have spent most of September in meetings and sending emails to plan the event and raise money.  While it is a lot of work, I find it fullfilling in unimaginable ways.  I want the kids who attend HSA to have every single opportunity that I did growing up in the Chicago suburbs and participating in the speech and theater program at my public high school.  I want our kids to receive stellar training so they have the option to choose their highest and best use path in life.


If you would like to attend our Masquerade Gala scheduled for October 22 at the Plaza Hotel in New York City, click HERE.  If you can’t attend but would like to financially support our efforts, click HERE.  In advance, thank you and remember Dr. King’s challenge question: “What are you doing for others?”


Ironically, during New York Fashion Week earlier this month, a stranger boldly asked me, “How would your parents feel about you wasting all the money they spent on your formal education and law degree?”  To be clear and concise with my answer: I think my mother would be pissed that you dared to ask such a dumb questions but both would answer without any hesitation, “We are damn proud  of Jacqueline and the life she has created for herself in one of the most competive cities on the planet. The real question is, ‘how do you feel about your story.’”  Aw thanks mom and dad, I’m blushing and thanks for setting them on the path of righteousness!



PS:  The outfit below by Michael Kors and vintage statement jewelry by my fave designer LuLu Frost took me from day-to-night a few weeks ago.  After my HSA business meetings in midtown manhattan, I snuck into the law firm’s bathroom, replaced my striped top with a crop top and leather jacket and then deepened my makeup with some black Tom Ford shadow from the pallete Titanium Smoke and applied a darker lipstick.  In about 10 minutes, I was refreshed and ready for a busy NYC night on the town.

My first stop was a broadway “meet & greet” with the “cast & crew” of the new play American Son starring Kerry Washington & Stephen Pasquale.  Congrats to my dear friend Lu-Shawn Thompson (far left below) for signing on as an above-the-line producer of this Braodway’s next smash hit! If you want to buy advance tickets for this “sure to be award winning production,” click HERE.

My next stop of the night was a swanky anniversary party at a private club in midtown with friends and the #Hubbs.  I cranked up the outfit even further by removing the leather jacket and grabbing the gucci clutch I had tucked away in my day bag (a tip I learned from my girl Reneé at Billy Hendrix).  We finally ended the evening with dinner al fresco at our favorite late night eatery, Avra Madison Estiatorio, a hot spot in Midtown across the street from Barney’s NY serving deliciously fresh Greek food.  We love the easy-going but glamourous European vibe.  Their kitchen is open until 11 pm and the bar until midnight.

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Life Owes You Nothing!

September 22, 2018

One of my biggest pet peeves is entitled behavior.  It’s frustrating when I overhear people of all ages speaking as if someone took something from them… a man, a woman, a job, an opportunity, happiness, health…. hell, even a damn donut ? .  Nobody owes you anything.  If it was meant for you, you would have it. If you want something, make the sacrifices and compromises, then work for it.  But in the end, expect nothing and be grateful for everything.  THAT is a life well lived, your “best life” or whatever phrasing is hot in the streets today. 

Xoxo and thanks for tuning in for #JackiesCoffeeTalk

PS:  The “donut” reference is really about the sustained sacrifice and discipline a healthy lifestyle requires.  Folks love to complain about wanting, but not having, a svelte body, abdominal muscles they can see and bikini dreams.  But most don’t want to put in the work of eating healthy and working out frequently.  If you feel like life “owes” you donuts everyday then fine, I won’t judge you one bit.  But also don’t “cry me a river” when your pants don’t fit or when you don’t feel awesome in your new dress.  You made the choice and every choice, even good ones, have consequences.  You choose donuts, which is A-OK with me.   Just don’t expect better cholesterol and diabetes numbers.  #RealTalk If you can’t handle the truth, find another blog to follow cause I can’t sugar coat it for you anymore.  Like anything else worth having, health is wealth and requires major work and sacrifice.  Nobody is taking donuts from you and you don’t deserve them because you had a bad day.  Whew.  I feel immensely better because I got that off my chest!

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What’s your favorite White-Shirt & Denim Look?

September 22, 2018

Friends (and strangers) call and message me alllll the time asking, “How do I develop my personal style or look?”   It’s actually my favorite conversation!  My answer is something like this…. “master your denim and white shirt look first and that will give you a sense of your style.”   ?☁️

Do you feel good in skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, ripped denim or flares?  What’s your waist preference: low rise or highwaisted?  Let’s talk about the shirt…. are you more sexy wife beater, deep v-neck, swingy and flirty,  J-crew classic or “men’s shirt oversized” like me????  

Whatever you do, don’t be swayed by trends, what fits your girlfriends or style stars!!!  Spend some time finding the right silhouette that works for your body shape and size.  Photograph yourself from all angles and analyze the images like a detective for pulling, bulges in the wrong place or awkward fit.  ? Once you master your personal white-shirt and denim sitch, you will be ready to move on to dresses, trousers and evening looks cause now you know where your waist is located, what assets you want to highlight and what you feel fab in!  The right pair of denim changes lives!   

Xoxo & thanks for checking in for this week’s #JackiesStyleFile,

PS:  I’m letting you in on the worst kept secret… ? Anybody you follow who has style that you admire has spent some time and effort. No one just wakes up one day thinking, “I shall wear tulle today and rock the hell out of it.”  So don’t get discouraged by the images on social media. You got this. At the end of the day, remember that “it’s just a t-shirt and jeans.”  So #easypeasy

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The Rachel Zoe Spring Box of Style creates Chic & Effortless looks from Day to Night

April 13, 2018

With over $400 worth of chic beauty, fashion and accessory finds for just $99.99, Rachel Zoe’s Box of Style perfectly prepares us for spring, one of my favorite fashion (and life) seasons.

Spring box by pool


Even before blogging, I subscribed to the Box of Style. A longtime lover of Rachel Zoe’s California chic girl aesthetic (boho vibe with a double dose of glam and always glowing skin), her box of goodies kick off every season for me.  This spring box is my ALL-TIME favorite. The palm print kimono “hero piece” speaks to me. I love how it can take you from a day frolicking on the beach to a night on the town. This piece alone is worth the 99.99.


Click HERE to purchase your personalized Spring Box of Style.



In addition to the versatile palm print kimono, the Spring 2018 Box of Style also includes these round rose gold sunnies which are sure to be the shape of the season.

Spring sunglesses-large

As first glance, I thought these glasses wouldn’t fit my face shape as I like a larger and bolder frame, but I absolutely love them. The shape screams quirkiness chic while feeling fresh and different.

I also appreciate that the glasses fit under a hat (larger sunglasses often compete with fedoras and don’t work with my classic side tilt). Seeing that a quality pair of sunglasses can run anywhere from 100 bucks to 500 bucks, again, this “Spring Box” is a steal at $99.99.



It’s the box of style that keeps on giving as it doesn’t stop with the effortless-go-with-everything-Kimono and fit-every-face-sunglasses, it also includes a wrap jeweled leather necklace which is also super fab as a bracelet.


Spring headband-large


Then, Rachel had the nerve to throw in an adjustable layered zodiac necklace (you choose silver or gold).  I am wearing this chain with any and everything all spring/summer.


Spring necklace-large


I feel like the host of “Price is Right” at this point because, “there’s more!” Also included in this Spring Box of Style are a couple beauty products: a moisturizing coconut oil lip balm and a sulfate/paraben free coconut rose toner, both by Kopari.  These products are perfect for hydrating skin as the temps rise.

Spring kopari-lip-large

Spring kopari-toner-large


For $99.99, I personally think this box of goodies is a steal.  Click HERE to purchase and don’t dilly dally as the boxes always go fast, quick and in a hurry.  Don’t you dare call, text or DM me if they sell out as you have been forewarned!




As always, thank you for stopping by Jackie Unfiltered.  Hello spring!  Oh, how we love thee.


PS:  I do receive a small commission if you decide to splurge and purchase this box of goodies.  Don’t you dare be mad! Jackie should get something for her arduous work here.  ?




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Lulu Frost Spring 2018 Jewelry Sample Sale Alert!

April 11, 2018

My favorite jewelry designer Lulu Frost is having her annual sample sale. Click HERE to shop all my favorite baubles at bargain basement prices. EVERYTHING is marked down from Art Deco inspired earrings to statement necklaces. These accessories turn your basic white tee and jeans into picture snapping street style worthy ensembles or an inexpensive white dress into the perfect spring outfit.

Click HERE to check out the earrings worn above. I built the whole outfit around these 60’s inspired green, silver and gold earrings. I wanted the green to pop against my easy white dress and straw fedora while catching the hazel tones in my eyes.

I have worn the Aurora Choker featured below with everything from a casual gingham top to a black tie event. It’s edgy enough for daytime but the sparkle makes it the perfect addition to an evening ensemble. I also love this choker layered with longer necklaces. Don’t be afraid to pile it on for a unique look!!






If you follow my travels on social media then you know I NEVER EVA check bags.  I don’t have time or inclination for lost luggage, waiting in lines or any other airport shenanigans.  However, my travel style goals are to dress so chic that it looks like I have a trunk full of bags.  I accomplish this by packing similar colors so I can mix, match and rewear items.  Also, I take lots of accessories like lightweight jewelry to layer and statement pieces that really amp up a basic tee shirt, blazer and denim.

Click HERE to shop these lightweight drop earrings with turquoise stone detail.  They are the perfect touch of glam for a travel outfit

My pearl and brushed gold Lulu Frost  “J” necklace, which I fondly refer to as my “Carrie Nameplate,” is part of the iconic Plaza Collection (remember the necklace namplate that Carrie wore all the time in the original Sex & the City television series).  I love the vintage quality of this statement piece as the molds for each letter and number in this collection are replicas from the original New York Plaza Hotel.  Sadly, the Plaza Collection is not included in this Sample Sale but it’s always a good buy.  Click HERE to grab your initial or favorite number and then design the chain you like: pearls, gold, silver, long or short.


As always, thank you for stopping by Jackie Unfiltered. Happy Shopping my friends and remember what I say about about jewelry and accessories: ”

Go big or go home. Don’t wear one necklace, wear three. One ring? Please. One on every finger maybe. Remember that the armstack is the single best invention since the automobile.


PS:  Some (not all) of the items featured were gifted to me by LuLu Frost as an influencer.  Don’t be mad at Jackie.  Can I live a little too?

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Styling Naturally Curly Hair in High Humidity Climates

April 4, 2018

Even for the most curl savviest amongst us, it’s tough as nails to maintain cute curls in a high humidity climate with a lot of salt water in the air. While hanging out in coastal towns and frolicking on the beach is good for the soul, without proper care, it can wreck the hair making it brittle, frizzy and dry.

In Miami, my hair demands a different styling routine than the one I use in New York (click HERE to see video and read my full curly hair styling tutorial from start to finish).  When skipping around more humid climates, I use heavier products from Moroccanoil that are infused with argan oil, anti-humectant and have tons of hydrating moisture. To keep the hair from frizzing up like a fuzz ball, I layer these creamy, yummy smelling products from back to front to weigh the curls down.

HUGE thank you to Chanel of Miami for putting me on the MoroccanOil products. PS: If you ever get a chance to hear her perform, don’t walk, RUN! She is a STAR!




STEP 1:  Wash & Condition with Moroccanoil Curl Enhancing Shampoo and Conditioner (whatever shampoo/condition you use, make sure they clearly state “sulfate free” as these unhealthy and unnecessary additives crucify curls).

Follow the same techniques for washing and conditioning curly hair that I lovingly layed out for you in this POST HERE.

STEP 2:  A hair primer, prep or anti-humectant base product is SUPER important in a humid climate. Your hair must first absorb a base product that will fight humidity. The type of product you use is dependent on your hair texture and curl pattern. You will likely need to play around with a few concoctions and formulas to get it right. Here is a place to start. However, please note that no matter your hair type, alway apply this first step to dripping wet hair. Apply base product to the back of the head, scrunching the product into the wet hair from middle of the shaft to the ends.

For Super Thick & Tightly Coiled Hair: Apply one pump of Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream. This is a heavier product that will weigh thicker hair down and reduce shrinkage.

For Wavy Hair: Apply 5-7 spritzes of R&Co One Prep Spray. This product will help repel humidity, protect the air from sun damage while adding moisture and elasticity.

For thin spirally hair more like mine: Apple 5-7 spritzes of NEWAY JAPAN nano amino Design Repair Mist Spray (hard to find product). This fine mists repels humidity, add keratin which repairs damaged hair and builds volume at the crown. I should have been born in Texas cause my mantra is the bigger the hair, the better.


STEP 3:  Layer 1 pump of Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream on top of the base product of your choice.  Always start applying product from the back of the head, scrunching middle of the shaft to the ends.

STEP 4:Either air-dry hair or dry with a diffuser. As I wrote HERE, I don’t like the way my hair looks after air-drying.  I prefer to manually dry my hair with the Deva Curl Devadryer & Devafuser.  Please note that in high humidity climates, it will take at least 50% longer for hair to dry so be patient and don’t get frustrated as rushing leads to frizzy, crazy looking hair (uggghh….learned this one the hard way).

Hairdrying Note: In high humidity climates, it will take at least 50% longer for hair to dry so be patient and don’t get frustrated as rushing leads to frizzy, crazy looking hair (uggghh….learned this one the hard way).

STEP 5: My hair is fine and looks limps easily so I always finish the curls with a couple sprays of hair spray. Again, I like the Moroccanoil Luminous hairspray because it provides long-lasting hold, shine and also helps fight humidity.

Jackie’s Deep Conditioning Tip:

The salt in the air is seriously drying for curly hair so I deep condition my hair at least twice per week when in a more humid climate. For deep conditioning, I use Moroccanoil Weightless Hydrating Mask. Using a palm sized amount, I use a “wide tooth comb” to gently apply the hair masque to wet hair while in the shower. If short on time, I leave it in for 10 – 15 mins before rinsing. However, for best results, I let the hair masque penetrate my hair all day all day under a baseball hat or sleep with it applied overnight and rinse in the morning.


One of the benefits of the salt & humidity is that my curls look good up to 3 days after wash day. Hating product buildup and stiff hair, I originally thought the Moroccanoil products would be too heavy for my curly cues.  I was pleasantly surprised after a few test runs that my hair is shiny, defined, touchable soft and most importantly, not frizzy! I did learn to get used to a different hair texture while down in Miami. Because the salt is constantly in the air, my hair always feels a little tacky. The good part about that is my curls still look cute on day 2, 3 and even 4. That never happens in dryer climates like NYC!

On non-wash days, I take my hair down from the sleeping bun (loosing twirled in a bun and secured with bobby pins on top of my head), spray Moroccanoil Curl Re Energizing Spray to dry hair (super important to spray on dry hair) and then scrunch my hair back to life. I also use a couple spritzers of this magic spray to refresh my curls in the evening or to tame frizzy spots when I dry it on day 1.

As always, thank you for stopping by Jackie Unfiltered.  Even with all these excellent products, curly hair has a mind of its own and will just not act right sometimes. On those days, I put a hat on my head, swipe on a bright lipstick and carry on with my day. Remember what I said, “your hair should be the least interesting thing about you.” Okay, I am off to the gym and then getting ready for an epic few days of birthday behavior!!


PS:  We do get a paid a small percentage if you purchase products from the links listed here.  Don’t you dare judge!  Jackie has to live too.  

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The Monoi Body Oil SPF 30 Sunscreen Everyone Needs

March 26, 2018

This past week, I sampled just released Carol’s Daughter Monoi Body Oil Spray Sunscreen SPF 30 while sunning and funning on South Beach for BET Her’s annual “Leading Women Defined” summit. As a certified beach bum, I absolutely adore this product. A couple sprays gives you that sexy subtle sheen, doesn’t stain my precious bikinis and moisturizes the skin without making that sticky feeling. I just purchased several bottles for myself and as gifts to my sun loving girlfriends! Click HERE to stock up!

I also love that Carol’s Daughter Monoi Oil SPF 30 is long lasting. At least 25 women sprayed themselves with this bottle over 2 days of outdoor fun, but it’s nearly 2/3 full. Don’t you find it annoying when your brand new SPF spray is empty after a few days of beach time? No worries on that with Monoi Oil!

Also, while this product is not currently sold in a 3oz TSA friendly size, it’s easily poured into a smaller travel bottle.  Click HERE to read more about Monoi Oil and to find my favorite string bikini by Voda Swim. I choose turquoise to highlight my green eyes but there are a gazillion colors so purchase the one (or 5) that makes your skin pop.

As always, thank you for stopping by Jackie Unfiltered. Spring and summer are in the air! Can’t you feel the vibrations?


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New Inexpensive Accessories for Spring will Update your Look

February 22, 2018

The new season of spring is upon us which means it is time to update your wardrobe with a couple new accessories: bold earrings, a cute bag or maybe a cheeky new fedora. It’s time to break away from the doldrums of winter exploring the bright colors of spring and the possibilities of a fresh start.

Jackie’s Travel Tip: search for street vendors to purchase “usable souvenirs” and interesting baubles

So many of you are planning getaways for winter or spring break.  Trips to sandy beaches lined with swaying palm trees, snow capped mountains hovering over quaint towns or maybe European adventures filled with museums, pasta feasts and 20K steps per day.   Even if budget and time will keep you closer to home, think about planning a staycation meaning sleep a little later, take the time to prepare a “room service worthy breakfast” (use my RECIPE for the decadent yet healthy breakfast sandwich by clicking HERE) and then explore the city you live in but never get to enjoy. Whatever your plans in these coming weeks and months, a couple bold new and inexpensive accessories will certainly make the memories even sweeter and definitely more chic.

This was my #WankadaForever outfit for seeing Black Panther opening weekend. The bold yellow earrings, black onsie with the racing stripe down the side and clear tote bag are part of my Spring 2018 Zara haul.

While exploring the new Brickell City Centery in Miami’s burgeoning downtown district, I popped into ZARA (one of my favorite retail therapy haunts) and was blown away by the bold, colorful and well designed statement earrings they just released with their Spring 2018 collection.   Each pair is under $20 bucksaroos so splurge and buy “several” like I did.  #DontJudge These accessories will perfectly update the most basic of white tees and denim and even your trusty favorite dress that you have worn more times than you remember.

Happy shopping, enjoy the longer days and higher temps and, as always, thank you for stopping by Jackie Unfiltered. Remember, “Life is too short to wear drab clothes and boring accessories. Dress like you are having a theatrical debut every single day. It makes even the mundane of tasks more bearable.”


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A Pouty Pink Lipstick to Beat the Winter Fog

January 31, 2018

Lipstick speaks to me like no other beauty product. It’s a quick and fairly inexpensive way to make a statement. Lately, I have been obsessing over Elizabeth Arden’s Bold Liquid Lipstick in Pink Lover 10. It’s a perfect pouty pretty pink that uplifts the spirits during these long days of winter. C’mon, with a name like “Pink Lover,” you better deliver some serious good vibes. After a day fighting these cold, mean and blustery NYC streets, “Pink Lover” did not disappoint.

The formula is creamy and high impact like lipstick but the finish is more like a gloss. The flocked tip applicator makes painting the pout easy as the right amount of product is released with just the click of a pen.

Rich emollients left my lips feeling luxuriously moisturized and perfectly pouty even after I walked a mile with snow blowing around my face. The best part is that once the shine wore off, a pretty little stain remained. No feathering and no bleeding around the lips. At the price of $22.00, this lippie is the perfect little pick me up in this dreary Northeast weather. To purchase your own Pink Lover lipstick, click HERE.

As always, thank you for stopping by Jackie Unfiltered. If you happen to speak with Spring, please tell her to hurry up and get to town. This cold dreary weather is a touch depressing if you know what I mean.


Disclaimer: Jackie Unfiltered does get paid a small percentage if you purchase this lipstick.  We’re working hard.  Salad is expensive.