Find the Light in 2017. Happy New Year!

January 1, 2017

I went to sleep the first night of 2017 with a heavy heart.  I found myself excited about the year ahead but also anxious in my gut because who knows whether I am taking the wrong or right steps in this new universe of social media, websites, photography and content creation.  I am making up the rules each day.  Looking.  Learning.  Trying to do better and be better.  I am fighting against the natural urge to be liked and loved (particularly on social media) with my strong desire to contribute to our world meaningfully beyond what I wear, how I look or the places I visit.    I went on Pinterest this morning and read quote after quote about overcoming fear, letting go of being scared about mistakes and staying the course.  In patent honesty, because that is what I want Jackie Unfiltered to be at the end of the day, honest, I tell you that I walk into 2017 with a rapid heartbeat, slightly fearful, a little hopeful anew ready to do the work.    A long sufferer of anxiety, I woke up early on this first morning of 2017 and did what I often do when my heart races with uncertainty, I wrote:

Dear first dawn of 2017:

Facing your light. Standing on the table, STRONG, with conviction, vulnerable, open hearted, very much AFRAID of failing but looking forward towards the WORK knowing I may fall closer to my PASSION and PURPOSE. As the race begins, thanking my near 40-year TRIBE for treating me like blood, wiping tears of sweat, passing cups of #encouragement, cheering OUTLOUD at the finish line whether we finish first in VICTORY or alone at night after the crowds go home. We set foot into day 1 with CONVICTION, ready to FIGHT, dig deep into our SOULS to live and love and share and change and grow and ACT, always facing the light.


As always, thank you for stopping by Jackie Unfiltered.  I wish you boundless amounts of #everything in 2017.  Just run the race and always find the light.



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