Mental Health is a critical part of Self-Care

November 26, 2018

I recently relearned that no one will look out for you better than you.  Self-care is more complex than workouts and spa visits.  It’s also about taking care of our mental health and making sure our emotions, needs and fears are recognized and attended to.   Because my father recently died in July, last week’s Thanksgiving Holiday was obviously tough for me emotionally, particularly because it was the very first holiday without either of my parents alive.  What made it even worse was that I didn’t have the courage to put my foot down about what would make it easier on me.  I allowed others to dictate the holiday verses being “self-less” and saying, “No, your plan, while best for you, doesn’t work for me given my unique set of circumstances”  I can only be mad at myself.  As Oprah says, “You get in life what you have the courage to ask for.”  

Here’s to seeing ourselves from this point forward and making sure that our emotional needs are met first and foremost.  Remember what they said, “put your oxygen mask on first.”  I will never make that mistake again.



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