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Kinda Sorta “Heath Bar Blizzard”

April 15, 2016


As a child, one of my favorite treats on the way to or from our lakehouse in Michigan was a Heath Bar Dairy Queen Blizzard from the roadside stop in South Bend, Indiana.  I loved the vanilla and caramel flavor with the crunchy toffee bits that inevitably got stuck in my teeth.

As an adult, neither my digestive system nor my leather pants will tolerate such yumminess.  Instead, I make this healthier version and it quenches my craving.


2 servings


1  c / unsweetened almond milk

2  / ripe bannanas

1 / chopped green apple

1 tsp / pure (or homemade) vanilla extract

1/4 c / raw walnuts

1/4 c / Greek yoghurt

1/2 tsp  / vietnamese cinnamon

1/8 tsp /freshly ground nutmeg

Pinch / sea salt

1 c / ice


Blend everything in Vitamix (or your favorite blender) in order listed.  Pour into 2 wide mouth glasses THEN (wait for it cause the best freakin part)…with a micro grater or zester grater, shave 1 organic dark chocolate covered almond over the top of each glass!  Triple dare you to tell me this ain’t decadent!



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