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Interior Design – Living with Warm Minimalism

February 9, 2017

Doreen Chambers, interior designer and the woman behind one of our favorite blogs, My Perfect World, has penned a heartwarming article about Hygge (pronounced Hoo-gah), a minimalist approach of living being adopted throughout Denmark.  The Danes define Hygge as “cozy.”  Citing a New York Times Fashion & Style article, Doreen writes that “Hygge is an integral part of the Danish culture” and involves such “pleasures as candlelight, fires, fuzzy knitted socks, porridge, coffee, cake” and sharing time with good friends and family.

All I have to say is that the Danes sure know how to snuggle up right!  Even though yesterday felt like early Spring with temperatures creeping up to a balmy 65 degrees, the chatter on the streets was all about today’s snow storm.  Schools are closed and many friends have already decided to work from home today.  I adore a good snow day. Man oh man, I just wish I could enjoy watching this swirling snow curled up with the #Hubbs in one of the rooms below!

Light a candle, make a hot cocoa and burrow under the  softest throw you own to properly enjoy Doreen’s full article found here.

“Warm minimalistic room with added sparkle from a crystal chandelier.” Photo by Josh Franer

“All the classic Danish minimalist elements are addressed in this room – natural wood floors & doors, white painted walls, the cognac leather armchair, vintage trunk, and hide rug add touches of warm minimalism.” Photo by Josh Franer,

“Natural textured fabrics and unfinished edges speak to the Danish Hygge’s aesthetic.” Photo by Manuel Rodriguez,

As always, thank you for stopping by Jackie Unfiltered.  We hope you enjoy Doreen’s article as much we did.  Check you later as I am going to find my Danish minimalist vibe!


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