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Turning a House into a Home ?

April 4, 2016

Almost two years ago, my very good friend Cass introduced me to Stacey McGarity of Acquisitions for the Home.  The first time Stacey and I met in my New York City Home, I immediately liked her.  With her blond curly hair (she’s wearing it straight now), I quickly assessed Stacey during that first meeting:  smartly dressed, easy going and charming.  While she gives off this approachable Midwestern vibe, when pressed about anything related to home and style, she immediately digs deep and you can’t miss the passion, talent and “eye.”

After working with Stacey closely on two intense projects, the best compliment I can give is, “She transforms houses into homes.”  Because I have learned so much from her from arranging accessories to layering texture and patterns, I can think of no better person to help create the the Jackie Unfiltered lifestyle’s home décor then with my friend Stacey.   Through a series of posts, we plan to share many tips, secrets and home-styling ideas you can use to add a little sparkle to your own home.

Let’s get started with my interview with Stacey below

Jackie: How would you describe yourself and what you do?

  • My job is to help interpret my client’s style and create living spaces in a way they feel comfortable and inspired. I have my own personal style in my home. Every client has their style.  Those two are not the same.  My job is to make the client’s house feel like their style.

Jackie:  How do you approach each new project?  For example, someone hires you to redo their bedroom.  What’s next?

  • Initial Meeting: This meeting is very important because again I must take in their personal style by closely noting what they are wearing and what existing pieces of furniture they have and want to keep including antiques, art and even family photographs.
  • Hunting & Gathering Method: I go out looking for inspiration and gather things in a very physical way: dining chairs, marble tile, fabric swatches, lighting and rug samples.  At some point, I lay everything I gathered out on my workroom floor and things literally start coming together.
  • Final Challenge: Once the client and I agree on the design, the final step is to meet the budget, lead times and assess any permits we may need to complete the project.

Jackie: What are five easy updates Jackie Unfiltered’s readers can do right now to make their living room feel more fresh for Spring and Summer?

  1. Pillows and Throws: Change pillow covers and throws from heavier textiles to more cottons and linens.
    (Jackie Tip ?:  For pillows, look for covers that fit your existing pillows so all you have to do is switch the insert.  You can easily store Fall/Winter pillow covers lying flat with winter throws in a plastic container labeled “Fall/Winter Decor” Every home needs a label maker but let’s save that for a later post on organizing.)
  2. Update house plants: I just did this in my own home.  Get rid of tired old plants and replace with fresh and colorful plants for spring.  Lots of fun pots are on the market such as hanging pots with macrame.  The goal is to add color during the Spring.
  3. Rugs: You can roll up heavy wool rugs, store them until Fall and roll out less expensive cotton flat weave rugs.
    (Jackie Tip ?: This is a great time to professionally clean the wool rugs so they are fresh and ready to roll out in the Fall.)
  4. Slipcovers: If you have a mohair/velvet chair, you can slipcover with a softer fabric for Spring/Summer.  Pottery barn for example sells a variety of slipcovers which in some cases you can customize to fit your furniture.  Or you can contact a designer to help you choose fabric for custom slipcovers.  For example, I have a longstanding relationship with with a Brooklyn warehouse that will make almost anything from slipcovers to actual furniture pieces such as console tables and classic x benches.
  5. Accessories: Change your accessories and find a new pop of color: coral, lavender or chartreuse green.  Add this color to your existing décor.  For example, in the picture above you could trade out the silver tray upon which the glasses sit with a a lucite tray or fun color.  Also, swap your candles to spring scents such as lavender, lemon or beach.

Jackie:  You just returned from the High Point Furniture Market, a major design show in North Carolina.  Did you see anything there that really caught your eye?

  • Yes, a line called Couture Lamps.  I’m currently working on several beach and Hampton houses right now.  Coutour lamps had these fresh new accessories that were beachy but not in a cheesy and traditional way.  It was very high end and different.

Jackie:  Everyone complains that arranging accessories and choosing wall decor is a challenge.  Can you explain why the feature picture above works: wallpaper, console table, accessories, lamps?

  • Generally, it works because it is well layered. The wallpaper makes a rather large architecturally uninteresting wall pop and provides a great backdrop with the subtle grass cloth texture.  The round mirror centers it and balances it.  The dark console table then provides contrast against the light wallpaper.  The matching table lamps made of fur provide a different element of texture.
  • The flowers stacked on the three books in front of the mirror provides another three dimensional look.
  • The pattern of the glasses on the tray work great because they bring in a retro vibe.
  • The striped Mitchell Gold dining chairs flanking each side of the console work in general because the colors blend well and the fabric adds additional texture. The diagonal stripes inject another dimension to the wallpaper grid.

Stacey lives in New York’s Hudson Valley with her charming husband and 4-year old precocious daughter in an historic stone home once inhabited by the american sculptor Alexander Calder.   This is Stacey’s dream house and her personal project for the next 30 years.  Learn more about Stacey’a portfolio and contact her for a consultation here.

???Stacey McGarity is a CERTIFIED member of Jacqslist!!!???

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