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6 Months of No Shopping

January 13, 2019

For the first 6 moths of 2019, I am challenging myself to give up shopping. This includes clothing, accessories, shoes, household appliances, furniture and all other retail. I’m #shoppingmycloset for everything that comes up and taking a retail break to focus on other ish. 

January 1: We went to bed at 6am on New Year’s Day and are still recovering.

I will try to post as many outfits as I can during this “No Shopping Challenge” but mostly I will post how not shopping makes me feel, what space it frees up for other things I am interested in accomplishing and how creating new looks from existing pieces sparks creativity. 

January 2: Wore a favorite old caftan, fedora and shoes I wore once over the summer for dinner with #Hubbs & visiting friends.

Join me on the challenge if you like or just cheer me on from the sidelines cause your girl Jackie will need HELP as she knows a thing or three about #retailtherapy.  Please build a tall, high and wide fence around my favorites stores, brands and websites.  Earlier this week, I had to unsubscribe from certain retail emails because the resort pieces and clearance sales were already taunting me! ???‍♀️??


January 5: An old Tibi off the shoulder top with printed pants and rattan accessories for a romantic lazy lunch with the #Hubbs.

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Shake Up Your Fall Beauty Routine with a New Lip Color

October 20, 2017

One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to usher in a new season is to shake up your beauty routine.  As the temps get cooler and that summer glow has almost faded, I like to change my lipstick color.

In the summer, I wear corals, poppy reds and on some days, just a bit of pinky gloss.   During the fall and winter, you will almost always see me in a bold lip.  It brightens up my face, brings out my eyes and straightens my spine a bit.

Years ago, my beloved makeup artist, otherwise known as “dragon slayer Keke,” taught me the magic of a red lippie.  On a day like today when I am operating on little sleep, a slight hangover (don’t judge), have minimal time to plan my outfit but still need to crush my day with superwoman badassery, I always turn to the red lip.

For giggles and because I wanted to try something new, I took Elizabeth Arden’s Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick in Scarlet for a spin today.  I am used to wearing matte lipsticks that only budge if you take a sledgehammer to your lips so it took me a few hours to get used to this moisterizing formula.

In fact, by midday and after my second cup of coffee, I sent KeKe a text and we both decided that this lipstick definitely needs a waterproof lip-liner base to keep from feathering around my lips.

Once I applied the liner and then reapplied the Scarlet lipstick, I was off to the races.  The lipstick lasted through a kale salad, a couple train rides and a few errands.  In fact, a very sweet and seriously stylish young woman wearing interesting jewelry at the hat shop asked me if she could snap my picture because my lipstick looked so rich and luscious.  Given that I am operating on 4 hours sleep, a hip millennial appreciating anything about me is a serious win for a basic Thursday.

To purchase the Scarlet Lipstick, click HERE and to purchase the Waterproof Lip Liner, click HERE.

As always, thank you for stopping by Jackie Unfiltered.  Cheers to bold lips, this beautiful fall weather and getting at least 8 hours of shut eye tonight (I am 40 not 25 so this can’t continue)!


Spring Fashion |


Disclaimer:  A woman working this hard for the people has to eat so I will be paid a small percentage if you purchase products listed here.  Can I live please?


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Royal Blue Dress & Pom Pom Fedora on SALE!

September 14, 2017

Any fashionista worth her salt will tell you that she shops for clothes off-season.  This means that while every magazine and store is currently promoting plush Fall layers and knockout Winter coats, she is scouring the internet looking for deals on summer items.  She is currently scooping easy and bold summer dresses, fun accessories and comfy shoes at bargain basement prices.  Next Spring, she pulls these treasures out of storage and starts the season looking fresh and spiffy.  Sorry fashion forward ladies, your secret is out!

To purchase any part of this look, click the link HERE.  

Let’s start with the blue dress and pom-pom fedora look I donned in July at a Brooklyn summer barbecue.  Well the hat which is has taken me from New York City to Amsterdam in style was originally $58.00.  This statement fedora is now marked down to $39.95 with an additional $25% off.  Don’t laugh, but I call this “Free” type prices.

This Pom Pom Fedora kept me looking chic while strolling the streets of Amsterdam on a chilly summer day.

This royal blue dress with flutter sleeves and hem was originally $188.00 and is now marked down to $49.95 with an additional 25% off at checkout.  Again, I really call this FREE.

(Jackie’s Tip:  The dress is not meant to be off-the-shoulder but it make the dress a little sexier and flatters my body type better.  I stretched the neckline a bit and viola, “off-the-shoulder.”  The moral of the story is that few clothes fit off the rack exactly the way we want.  Feel free to play with hems, necklines and fit to personalize clothing to your body type!)

Okay, I have to run!  More sale shopping to do and deals to find.  As always, thank you for stopping by Jackie Unfiltered.  Tag us in your outfits and especially let us know if you run across a good bargain!



This Black & White Gingham Top is perfect for Spring Flings!

March 31, 2017
Gingham Top |

A black & white gingham asymmetrical top with balloon sleeves is one of my Spring obsessions.  You will see me wearing it with everything from ripped denim on the weekends, under a blazer at meetings, with wide leg cropped pants on date-night, paired with white denim at the beach and even with a red taffeta skirt and sparkly shoes at a fancy garden affair next month in Brooklyn.  You want to know the best part?  Are you ready for this?  Well, its less than $100.00.   If it sells out before you nab one, all I can say is, “Jackie tried to tip you off” click here for more details).  If the gingham offends your tender-hearted sensibilities then it’s also available in white.


Gingham Top |

I am not quite sure when my obsession with gingham began.  But I just love a good checked pattern.  This versatile print  can be worn with everything from neutrals to bright colors.  If I’m feeling especially daring (which is pretty much always), I love mixing gingham with other prints like the floral shoes below.

Gingham Top |


You can even turn this cute number around and wear the front in the back creating this sexy V between your shoulder blades.   I personally think showing a glimpse of back with a loose swingy pant is one of the sexiest summer ensembles.  Ladies, we don’t need to show all our glory to create sex appeal.

Black Gingham Top |


Gingham Top |


Thank you for stopping by Jackie Unfiltered.  Happy Spring, a.k.a planting season or, for some, shopping season.  ?


Black/White Gingham Top | This gingham top is my new bestie this Spring ⚫️?⚪️ . From ripped denim to ball gowns. Day to night. You're gonna see us together a lot. Click the ? in bio if you want in on our ❤️ affair. . . . . . . . #JackieUnfiltered #lifestyleblogger #blogginggals #gingham #top #spring2017 #instablogger #streetstyle #ootd #buynow #likeittoknowit #rippeddenim #style #styleblogger #springtrends #stylefile #ontheblog #fashion #accessories #brooches