Black Friday Shopping Guide

November 25, 2016

Let’s talk #BlackFridaySales. Whether shopping #online in your PJs, secretly at your desk or braving the stores, buy items you will ❤️ and can wear forever. I’m not great at Math but I know how to SHOP. ? Ssshhhh???…don’t tell the #hubbs. .

1️⃣ Bold Outerwear – Consider whether the color compliments your skin tone and if the fit highlights your shape. Don’t try to match the coat to anything else you wear. The coat is the ⭐️ !

2️⃣ Hats – Brims ?? cover up a bad hair day, add a little mystery and get me out the door fast. If you try on a topper, tip it over one eye and feel #BadAss, buy it! Any color or style works as it’s all about how it makes you feel. We call it #Tipping.

3️⃣ #Sequins✨?☄️- A little dose of sparkle is perfect for upcoming holiday soirees. I scour the sale racks and stockpile separates I can mix & match on a moment’s notice. #AlwaysReady Dress sequins down by pairing with cashmere and leather. #EffortlessGlamour!

4️⃣ Capes – Nothing says effortless glamour better than a cape! I bought the Alpaca cape above almost 20 years ago at a #JuniorLeague shopping bazaar in Washington D.C. with Mindy Gottlieb Barry and it still serves up serious drama. Just buy the one that makes your ❤️ sing.

5️⃣ Unique #Accessories: Look for special items that will make other look twice and think, “? see you.” Statement earrings, oversized cocktail rings, furry or bedazzled shoes, feather headpieces, patterned scarves. These are what make dressing fun and outfits really Unique. Buy only what you ❤️ !

Ok, #HappyShopping!!! ? Post below, on Instagram or Facebook if you find a “Must Buy Now” item or have questions. I’m just hanging out at the in-laws all day. Can’t wait to see what you find out there in these retail streets!

Jackie’s Tip ?: Print this list and take it with you shopping so you don’t buy crap you will never wear.  Most important rule of shopping the sales, “Only buy items you love and would have bought full-price if money grew on trees.”


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